HappyBirthday Extension Sends Out Birthday Wishes On Facebook

Apps like FbCal already scour your Facebook friends list and puts their birthdays on your calendar, but what if you want to send them greetings without even thinking about it at all? HappyBirthday can do that.This Chrome extension needs access to your Facebook feed/other details to build a list of birthdays. Once it knows that, you can build a list of birthday greetings it'll cycle through so not every birthday wish is just "Happy Birthday!" The extension also alerts you once it has sent a greeting as well, in case you want to follow up with a real message — say, if it's an actual friend and not just a Facebook "friend".

Chrome Web Store [via NirmalTV]


    Is FbCal actually still alive/available/working?

    Doesn't this extension just about sum up Facebook? Now we just need one to send out "what Simpsons character are you?" quizzes and we never need to log in again.

      Pretty sad isn't it?

    Alas, this still requires some input from the user. I've been hoping for a facebook app that mails them off automatically on the day, but so far it doesn't exist.

    Given I've done no work with facebook APIs, it might just be impossible to do so.

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