Grease Your Lawn Mower Blades With Cooking Spray

Grease Your Lawn Mower Blades With Cooking Spray

If you’re getting grass stuck in your mower, or you’re just tired of cleaning the blades after you’ve done all your yard work, the solution might actually be in your kitchen. According to AOL’s DIY Life blog, cooking spray is a simple method of keeping the cut grass off the blades:

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Mowing the lawn easy compared to the dreary task of removing stuck grass from a lawnmower’s blades. To keep grass clippings from sticking, spray the mower’s blades and undercarriage with cooking spray before you begin cutting the grass.

Seems like a pretty good solution that could end up saving you a lot of time.

Cooking Spray – Unusual Uses [DIY Life]


  • If you have grass stuck to the blades of your mower when you’re finished, might I suggest get some sharp blades! I don’t know how who ever it was tested this, but it sounds counter intuitive to me! I’m pretty sure grass will stick to cooking oil. Now I notice that the picture is showing an electric mower, which is not mentioned in the article, so maybe there’s something in that! But a real mower does not need cooking oil clogging up the works! #}

    • The method of torque generation (wow big words) shouldn’t really come into to it. Having said that, I too can’t see this method having any real world effects.

      Best suggestion I can give is just use your hose and clean your mower when you’re finished, because you’re still going to end up with grass clumped throughout the inside of the chassis.

      The best method of cleaning I’ve come across-
      – Park your mower on a concrete surface, with the wheel height adjusted to the highest setting. Make sure the grass catcher is removed, and the engine is running at cutting speed.
      – Use a garden hose on full pressure spraying in a downward direction onto the concrete directly under the mower on the left hand side (presuming your mower spins in a clockwise direction).

      The spray from the hose should bounce up off the concrete, be caught by the blades and rinse everything down.

      Now I just gotta figure out an easy way of cleaning the driveway when I’m finished.

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