Gizmodo’s Photo Challenge Has Reminded Me I’m Still Not Organised Enough

Gizmodo’s reader photo challenge this week is particularly impressive: taking an awesome photo of you as a child and recreating it as an adult. I had promised Giz editor Danny that I’d submit my own entry, but when I went to do it, I realised something: I have done a lousy job of scanning my childhood photos.

Actually, for lousy, read “non-existent”. I have two boxes filled with photo albums and loose photos in a designated “to be scanned” area in my office, but they have been sitting there for the better part of two years now. Adding to the complications, my brother started on a comprehensive family photo scanning exercise a while ago, and I passed the oldest albums over to him. So I couldn’t even scan just one picture for the sake of the competition, since I don’t have any photos of myself right now any younger than the age of 17. At that point, I was a skinnier version of myself with floppier hair and the same abysmal fashion sense, which doesn’t make for a great contrast.

So Danny, I’m really sorry. I encourage Lifehacker readers who have done a better job of capturing their early photos to restage one of those shots and enter the challenge, and I will do so as a belated gesture when I finally get hold of a worthwhile shot. In the meantime, I’ve vowed to schedule some time on my calendar for official scanning purposes.

Gizmodo Shooting Challenge

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