Get Qantas Frequent Flyer Membership For Free

Get Qantas Frequent Flyer Membership For Free

If you’re going to fly, it makes sense to try and accumulate frequent flyer points, but the $82.50 signup fee has often been a disincentive for occasional flyers to join the Qantas program. As part of a cross-promotion with Jetstar, right now you can join Qantas Frequent Flyer at no charge.

I imagine the promotion is tied in with the recent tweaks that make it easier to earn points on Jetstar flights without paying a massively inflated fare, as well as the broader changes Qantas is going through right now. We saw a similar deal in 2009 via Everyday Rewards, but if you haven’t got a membership and expect to fly Qantas or Jetstar at some point, this seems a painless way of signing up.



      • I’m in Everyday Rewards. Only one membership per family can link to Qantas Frequent Flyer program. Is the only other alternative paying $82.50?????? All the other airlines seem to offer free membership.

    • No, Qantas frequent flyer program doesn’t have an annual fee.
      Well worth joining. I’m currently on holidays in the U.S. and my wife and I flew here from Sydney, business class on points accumulated at a cost of $450.00 surcharge and tax compared to a $5,000+ ticket each. Lie-flat seats, great meals….gonna be hard to go cattle class next time we come back over here :/

  • Yes i was put off by the fee a few years back lucky for me its free to join if you live overseas. Like most things its just a rip off if you live in Austrlia

  • No one should ever pay to join a loyalty program. The mere concept of paying to receive the benefits of your own customer loyalty is absurd. All Qantas has done (and they are not alone) is add a hefty fee to a formerly free service, knowing that few if any will be willing to pay it, BUT that they can then give ‘free memberships’ away as a benefit or incentive to get people to sign up to other partner schemes, like credit cards and Woolworths points. The whole thing is a very devious con and typical of this sort of amoral corporation.

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