Get 10% Off A New iPod By Exchanging Your Used One

Get 10% Off A New iPod By Exchanging Your Used One

Thinking about dumping your old iPod and getting a newer model? If you hit an official Apple store for the purchase, you’ll get 10 per cent off the price by trading it in.

This is not a new development at all, but (somewhat remarkably) we’ve never mentioned it on Lifehacker before. Note that the deal is pretty restricted in range: you can’t use it to get a discount on an iPhone or an iPod shuffle. It’s often assumed that Apple will eventually dump the iPod in favour of selling phones (which make more money), but until that happens, this is a way of cheapening a music-only upgrade.

Apple also offers a free mail-in service to dispose of old iPhones. For more recycling options, check our guide to dipsosing of your mobile phone.



  • Optimist: Good to see Apple offering a good environmentally friendly offer

    Pessimist: You can probably get more by selling your old iPod via regadget or similar, and Apple are only doing this to fuel more sales.

  • Nice to see on the return envelope :-

    “Postage and packaging paid by the addressee, do not coect any money”

    Spellcheck on Office 2011 for Mac must be broken.

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