Free Whereis iPhone App Offers Turn-By-Turn Navigation

iOS: There's no shortage of GPS apps for the iPhone, but most come with hefty price tags attached. Telstra's Whereis app is an unusual exception: it offers turn-by-turn directions for Australians, and it's completely free.

The app appears to include most of the standard features you'd expect in an app: the ability to choose driving or walking, exclude toll roads, and quuck search for points of interest. Its runs on iPhone 3GS and 4 models, iPad and iPod Touch (though the latter would need a Wi-Fi hotspot connection to be of any practical use). Telstra customers who use it won't have data for maps counted against their usage allowance. If you've taken it for a spin, tell us where you landed up in the comments. Thanks reader who wishes to preserve their privacy!




    they already released this for android ages ago, with a subscription fee. lets hope they make it free as well

      When you already have Google Maps Navigation available on an Android phone, why would you bother with anything else?

        Sam, the Navigon software on Android is 100 times better than Google maps. And on Samsung devices a cut down version of the Navigon navigation software is free (no live traffic and a few other things on the free version).

          Never heard of it, but will take a look. What's so much better about it?

          So far though, I've only found one thing I don't like about Google Maps Navigation; it doesn't have the ability to have custom directions put into it, and it won't learn faster routes if the driver already knows them (i.e. it often tells me to take a 2km+ longer route than I usually take to get home, because it doesn't know I can do a legal U-turn at a set of lights).

          Some how I don't see any navigation software offering that feature however.

      Actually that Android app was from Telstra.

      This one is from Sensis which is kinda separate so hopefully it won't be as dodgy. Great looking app though.

    I already have TomTom on the iPhone, but great to see a free GPS app with turn by turn directions that not only won't cost the moon but is actually free - nice work Big T.. Personally though, Google Maps is used 95% of the time and serves me well without the turn by turn directions.

    I've been using 'Navfree GPS Live Australia & New Zealand' on my iPhone 3GS for a few weeks and it's great.

    It's free, it downloads all the maps locally (uses open source maps) so does not need a data connection, and pretty reliable from my experience.

    The reviews for this app in the iTunes store make it sound awful. It might be "free" but there is a subscription service, but more importantly the quality appears to be lacking.

      I suspect you might have your apps mixed up. The reviews are anything but awful. The subscription service you refer to actually sounds like an older product of a similar name. This one is free to download and use (no data charges for Telstra customers).

        Agreed Mattysars, the article links to Whereis by Sensis which has a 5 star rating.

        However searching on your iPhone for Whereis will also bring up Whereis Navigator by Testra co. with a 1.5 star rating.

        Yes I know Sensis is part of Telstra, however with no mention of the app being written by them and with another similar named app by the company actually mentioned it would be confusing.

          Oops! Thanks heaps for this correction - I wasn't very diligent in my search. Yes, I did a quick search on my iPhone and what I refer to appeared to me to be the one.

          I'm very glad it's not - I'll check out the real one now.

    Hi all, I'm the Product Manager for Whereis.

    Just to clarify, the Whereis iPhone app is a map search, directions and simple navigation device for your everyday map search needs. There are no subscription fees - it's free to download and Telstra customers can enjoy unmetered data use. Whereis Navigator is the premium navigation offering exclusively for Telstra customers. It’s a paid subscription app that has live traffic, petrol prices, 3D junction views, flight information and more. It also has no data charges for Telstra customers.

    We're glad you like our new Whereis iPhone app. We think it's pretty cool too. If you have any feedback - or if there's anything else you want to see the app do - please let us know via [email protected]

    Sadly I will have to stick to tomtom for iPhone because I am with Vodafone. If I tried to rely on 3G for my maps from the new whereis app, I would get lost before I got out of my drive way.

    I will try this app tomorrow, just downloaded, sounds interesting and looks to be functioning allright. If it works Kudos Telstra ....

    I've had Metroview on the iphone for quite a while now and could not be happier. Even got us around floodwaters by using some obscure sidetrack when the Bruce Highway was cut in one area!

    it's rubbish! it just crashes as soon as you open it. Was good but is no good anymore..... 0 out of 10!

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