Franklins Supermarkets To Be Replaced With IGA Stores

Franklins Supermarkets To Be Replaced With IGA Stores

The remaining operations of supermarket chain Franklins got sold off to Metcash in July last year, but the buyout was delayed due to objections from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Those objections have been dismissed by the Federal Court, which means the remaining 90+ Franklins stores in NSW and the ACT will be sold off to independent retailers and operated under the IGA brand.

How much of a difference that makes to choice at the shopper level will depend on locations. My nearest Franklins is a lot closer than my nearest IGA, so my effective range of choice doesn’t change much. Is the change going to impact your shopping habits, whether positively or negatively? Tell us in the comments.

ACCC defeat marks end of Franklins Supermarkets [ABC News]


  • It’s been downhill for Franklins ever since they introduced the “maze” layout in their stores known as “Big Fresh”. Seriously, who wanted to zig-zag the whole way through the green grocery, butcher, delicatessen and bakery just so they can buy a loaf of bread and a bottle of milk?

  • Franklins is my “local” supermarket – and I hate every second I have to spend in there.

    The most recent debacle: A packet of oats which split open down the seam as I put it in my backpack. The checkout lady was nice enough to help me clean it up, but when I got the replacement packet home – it too blew apart along the seam.

    Previously: Constantly finding things for sale that are out of date (by months) – stale bread – no variety – selling Nappies right next to the Cereal (yes, in the same isle, on the same shelf) – discriminating against me when offering free news papers to the people in line infront of me, skip me, then offer it to the people behind me (I have dreadlocks)… I could go on all day.

    Hopefully IGA makes them pick up their game, but it’s doubtful since I’m fairly certain all the Franklins are already independently owned anyway, no?

  • Actual brick ‘n’ mortar supermarkets still exist? Amazing. I’ve hardly seen the insides of such establishments in the last decade.

    Hint – There’s this thing called the internet, you can do your shopping using it; yes, even the stuff you used to go to supermarkets for. They deliver the goods right to your door, for peanuts, day or evening. 20 minutes online every 4-5 weeks and I’m done with my supermarket shopping. It’s the greatest time and stress saver ever.

    • Last time I checked, the cost was ten to fifteen dollars, hardly peanuts if you’re struggling! Plus if you’re letting them pick the fruit and veg for you, then you’re eating the garbage they can’t shift! Unless you don’t eat fruit and veg, and that would be just sad!

      • $13 for two hour delivery window (and $9 for a 4 hour window) on a $250-$350 order is peanuts. The time saved, stress avoided, petrol saved, parking not needed, etc. make it worth every cent.

        Although I don’t usually buy my fresh fruit and veg online, the times I have included them in my regular order I’ve been very pleased with the result – not a mark or bruise on anything and I couldn’t have picked better quality items in-store myself.

        • That’s fine, but saying those delivery costs are peanuts is kind of a slap to the parents who are struggling to pay the mortgage and meet the rest of the bills! You clearly don’t have that issue! As for the Fruit and Veg, you’ve more likely been lucky or have managed to get the order in during a non busy period, or you just happen to have an excellent store. However most stores no doubt will prove me rite and won’t take the time to pick the best quality! Just because this works for you and no doubt others, doesn’t mean it’s a cost effective system for the majority of us!

  • heh. We have a Franklins and an IGA in the same town about 200 meters from each other. Over the past ten years they have changed names several times. A couple of years ago they were both IGA (one was a super IGA I think). Then one became a franklins. Looks like we will be back to having two IGAs. Yay?

    I usually shop online these days anyway so I don’t think it will impact us much. Except, will this affect the Franklins reward program? We would buy enough stuff over a few months to add up to a free $20 credit every now and again. Be a shame to lose that!

  • i think what most people forget is that even though it wont be one of the big 2, all these ‘independent stores’ have really only one distributor/wholesaler to turn to – Metcash. They pretty much have a strong hold on all the IGA and small stores. So not really independent is it….they will be doing what coles and woolworths do, except only they will be doing it in the background.

    • Competition is a good thing! Doesn’t matter if it’s owned by a conglomerate! Although it would be nice if the smaller stores could compete, those days are long gone, gone! #]

      • I totally agree. I miss those days where you popped up to the corner store and you knew the owner pretty well because your parents and their parents had been shopping there. It was nice. Well that’s what we must pay for “an increased GDP and standard of living” anyway.

  • @candice you will still have your job, only store managers are likely to be replaced, but if you ask your manager they will simply tell you “its a matter for metcash”. Dont worry the bottom feeders are safe for the first time, its teh higher ups that will be replaced with metcash personnel.

  • Each IGA store is independently owned and operated, separate from Metcash. Yes the stores receive their stock from Metcash, but it is up to the individual owner to manage the store.
    The problem with this is that there is no consistency between stores therefore some people have shocking experiences at their IGA/Franklins (see the example above), while others receive and can enjoy the benefits of a friendly local who knows their regular customers, and makes the effort to keep prices low and money saving specials each week.
    Metcash wont be doing “what Coles and Woolworths do”. There isnt enough market to try and drown out Aldi or Coles or Woolworths, they are all too strong. The aim of Metcash should be to take this acquisition as an opportunity to provide stock to the independents at a lower price because of a potential increase in buying power. We’ll see if they do, but essentially thats what independent retailers are pushing for as they are finding it harder every day to compete with the big 2 (add Aldi to that also). If youve got a great IGA nearby, where it be IGA Express or a huge SupaIGA support them! They are there to keep the big guys honest.

  • I might be missing the point entirely. Its seems that Woolworths and Coles are something of a protected species, and giving someone else market clout could possibly endanger their position. Personally I think a stronger buying power improves the lot for consumers, the retailers, might actually benefit farmers, produces and manufacturers, by increasing the opportunity to reduce their reliance on Coles and Woolworths.
    But perhaps I have missed the point of the ACCC’s objection.

  • With the sale of Franklins to Metcash does the Trade name Franklins become null and void ? Or has Metcash bought the rites to the Franklins brandname? My wife works at Franklins and i think Metcash should lay their cards on the table as to whether all employees will be no longer employed as Franklin workers if Franklins become no existant. The workers become unemployed and are free agents as such and are entitled to redundancy etc. and will have to be remployed with E.B.As. The sooner this happens the better for all involved so PULL your finer out Metcash and the SDA !

  • As far as i know, Franklins stores are progressivley being transformned into IGA, or closed down. One Franklins in my area was shut all together, and 3 others have been switched into IGA, but the only difference is the sign out the front, same store layout, same staff, same trade hours etc.

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