Firefox 6 Now Available

Firefox 6 officially releases on August 16th, but technology blog TechnoBolt discovered last night that the Firefox 6 final version is already available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux on Mozilla's FTP servers.

The new version uses the same user interface as Firefox 5, but is reported to run 20% faster.

Note: if you download the 6.0 final release from the FTP server links below the welcome page will list the version as 6.0 beta. Mozilla did not update the welcome page before releasing 6.0 final into the wild.

Firefox 6 is a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux from Mozilla's FTP server.

Firefox 6.0 final [ via TechnoBolt]


    So, any point moving from Chrome?

    For AU Lifehacker:

    I just can't see any reason to move from Chrome now either. I'll keep trying each update as always. I just seem to reach for chrome first.

    Great a new release, will my extensions start breaking again? =))

    As a web developer I'm getting sick of the quick release schedule and browser nuances we have to code/test for.

    Seriously hope FireFox 6 doesn't break client websites again.

    Tried this for 2 days and had to revert back to FF 5. smooth-scrolling was atrocious (safe mode the same) also via a website that I use a Java API for renaming files the font display ect. was unreadable.

    Uhm.. 6.. already??? I only just updated to 5 a few weeks back..

      Welcome to the 21st century.
      Hey you know that new computer you were planning on buying. It is outdated and you should look at upgrading it. NO! forget it now. Time to get another new computer...which is now out dated as well. Never you mind. Its time to upgrade to an iphone 5...

    Just for the so many add-ons of yours and less build-ins features, I don’ think there is any reason I should back to firefox from Avant browser.

    i lose my interest in firefox.Avant browser is a better browser than firefox . i always forget my account &password so that i must try to use the autpfill when i change to a new browser .Auto of avnat is convenient than other browsers'.So i choose to use avant .

    huh i've been missing out i only remember firefox 4 beta.

    This is retarded.

    Should have been 5.1 or something. Not worthy of being called a whole version update.

    Firefox is starting to bug me. Chrome is still has a few things I just can't live with, so I'm still sticking with firefox, but they are getting on my nerves.

    C'mon guys, avant browser, are you serious? That is the most crappy browser I have ever seen. It has some serious bugs and it's slow as hell. I can't even move the window around smoothly, and while switching between maximized and not maximized, it flashes.

    Avant browser is not a real browser. It's build on IE. It's basically a wrap around IE, and it's not a very good one.

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