FindThatBand For Chrome Searches Over Services For Artists

FindThatBand For Chrome Searches Over Services For Artists

Chrome: If you’ve discovered a new band or artist while browsing the web and want to hear more from them or go buy their songs, FindThatBand lets you right-click their name to search Amazon MP3, iTunes, Discogs, Grooveshark and more services so you can learn more about them.

FindThatBand doesn’t stop with music stores. You can also use it to highlight any band’s name and quickly search for them at Allmusic, iLike, MySpace, Wikipedia, YouTube and others. If you use some sites more than others, you can customise which appear in the context menu.

The extension is a great way to learn more about a band you may have stumbled on without just Googling them, and since all you have to do is highlight and right-click their name, it saves you a few steps. Firefox users looking for similar features can try FastTrack, an extension that also lets you right-click a band’s name and search for them, albeit on fewer services.

FindThatBand [Chrome Web Store]

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