'Everyone Is A Genius'

..."But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid." Einstein's quote reminds us that it's silly to measure ourselves (and others) on inappropriate standards.

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Everyone has a different ability or particular "genius". Often, comparing yourself to someone else's abilities might mean overlooking what it is you are naturally more suited towards doing. In other words, stop being a fish trying to climb a tree and embrace your fishiness. (Fish really do lend themselves to great quotes). Have you found your genius yet?

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    If the fish really genius (re: Einstein's assumption) - it won't try its whole life trying to climb a tree, will it now?

      Where does it say the fish tries to climb a tree even once, let alone its whole life?

      Try reading the quote, Steve.

        Maybe Steve's the exception that proves the rule.

          The fish, having pondered on the existance of the tree, came to the realisation that being adjacent to the owl was the real goal.

          The tree through happenstance became beneath the fish in the fish achieving what was once thought impossible for it.

    Steve- you don't know the geniuses I know. Those guys will try lots of weird stuff... once.

    The fish isn't trying anything! It's the person who's judging it, and the effect of that judgement on the fish, that is the focus!

    Arrggh! People don't read!

      i agree with steve.
      the quote implies that the fish will think it's stupid because it can't meet your expectations of being able to climb a tree.

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