Evernote For iOS Gets New UI And Features

iOS: Evernote just updated its iPhone and iPad apps today to include a completely revamped interface for its iPad app, access to shared notebooks, the ability to search within notes from anywhere in the app, and rich text support.

In addition to rich text formatting for notes, the new iPad UI is the big news form the update. iPad users can now see an "all notes" view where they can glance at everything they've saved in one area. Premium users also now have the ability to lock access to their notebooks and notes via passcode, just like their Android counterparts.

Evernote [iTunes App Stoee via Evernote Blogcast]


    I've played around with it a bit just now (iPhone), great additions here. Finally being able to have headings, dot points and such will be so much better than alternatively having lines in all-caps or started with a dash as I've been doing...

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