Egg Cooking Calculator Uses Maths To Help You Boil The Perfect Egg

Cooking is part science, part art, but a group of scientists at the University of Oslo have come up with a formula that uses the weight of your eggs, the done-ness you prefer, your altitude, and your cooking temperature to solve for the right cooking time, every time.

When we explained how to boil the perfect egg every time, some of you wanted a more precise, mathematical method to get the job done. Thankfully, researchers at the University of Oslo have just such a formula. You just have to specify how large your eggs are, how high above sea level you are, what your cooking temperature will be, and whether you want soft or hard boiled eggs.

If you can't or don't want to solve the equation yourself, they've put together a web app that will do the maths for you; just move the sliders and you'll get the right cooking time. Press the play button and the timer will count down for you and let you know when your eggs are done.

Art of Cooking an Egg (Norwegian) [via UniversityPost]


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