Eat Calorie Dense Fruits And Nuts To Put On Healthy Weight

Most people concerned about weight want to shed kilos, but there are also people who are underweight either due to illness, pregnancy or malnourishment. If you're one of them, your best bet may be calorie dense snacks like nuts, peanut butter and avocados to put on some healthy weight without eating a ton of fat or sugar.

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If you're sick or recovering from illness and need a way to come back to a healthy weight, the best way to go about it is to eat small snacks over the course of the day instead of large meals, and balance those snacks with calorie-dense, healthy foods. Cheese, avocados, dried fruits and lean meats will do the trick.

The Mayo Clinic has some other suggestions for putting on healthy weight, like trying smoothies and shakes that are calorie dense but can be enjoyed over the course of the day, and to top off meals with healthy additions like cheese and non-fat milk. Admittedly, most people today are struggling to bring their weight down, not put on more. However, if you've struggled with maintaining a healthy weight, share your tips in the comments.

Underweight? See How to Add Pounds Healthfully [Mayo Clinic]


    "without eating a ton of fat or sugar"

    Pretty sure nuts, peanut butter & avocado all have a high percentage of fats, if not simply trace amounts of other macronutrients. Pretty sure dietary fat is also by and large a good thing. But hey keep tripping over yourself and spouting conventional mega-carb rhetoric, that's cool.

      I guess it meant "without eating a ton of (bad, saturated) fat or (simple) sugar"
      Nuts n avocado contains high ratio of unsaturated fat and its actually beneficial to our health.

    "he best way to go about it is to eat small snacks over the course of the day instead of large meals"

    oh god.

    yeah, that's right, keep your glycogen levels high up, that'll REALLY help you shed all that weight.

      Learn to read. This is not about shedding weight.

        I think his name explained?

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