Doctor Who Fast-Track To Remain At One Week

Doctor Who Fast-Track To Remain At One Week

Good news: the ABC has officially confirmed that when Doctor Who returns for the second half of this year’s season, it will continue showing the new episodes one week after their UK transmission. Part of us still wishes that the ABC had stuck with Sunday broadcasts so we could get the show 24 hours later, but this is still a satisfactory result compared to what passes for fast-tracking on most commercial networks. The show returns September 3. [TV Tonight]


  • Firstly there’s no reason for this when pirates can offer it faster (not that I know about such things, I’m a good boy) and they themselves proved they CAN do it

    Secondly when you say september 3, is that here or in england?

  • 1 week isn’t “fast-tracked”, 1 week is 1 week behind. “Fast-Tracked” would be showing the same night as BBC. It’s lucky this is the ABC, they don’t need to worry about actual viewer numbers to make their cash.

    • In country australia in the 80s we used to have to wait up to a year for films to arrive in the cinema, 1 week is bloody amazing by comparison. Still slower than the ‘differently legal’ options though

  • Why does Dr Who come up on so often? Are you a fan, Angus? Or does the Doctor exhibit a lot of great ideas for general life improvement? Am I missing out on something?

    • This Doctor Who fan likes being able to hack their life around the fact when Doctor Who will be on. This is better than being sucked down a hole on the internet geeking out about the new season.

      Thanks for the heads up Angus, Lifehacker is my default “something interesting/important/techy I should know about” news source.

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