DIY Portable Shower Keeps You Clean Without Running Water

If you need a small pick-me-up in the middle of the day but don't have an actual shower available, this frozen "shower to go" can get off some of the day's grime.

Redditor EffinD created this after finding that sports left him sweaty and uncomfortable with no shower nearby. All you need is an empty container, a bottle of shower gel, some water and a freezer. Scroll down to see the steps, or go here to see the original how-to.

Shower To Go [Imgur via Reddit]

Step One

First, fill the container about a third of the way up with water and squeeze in some of the soap.

Shower To Go [Imgur via Reddit]

Step Two

Stir it up so that the soap and water have mixed together evenly.

Shower To Go [Imgur via Reddit]

Step Three

Throw the container in the freezer. You'll want to freeze it all the way into a block of ice before you take it out.

Shower To Go [Imgur via Reddit]

Step Four

Take it out of the freezer and add another small layer of water (without soap this time). Make sure to leave room for the ice to expand; you don't want to fill it all the way up to the top. Throw it back in the freezer.

Shower To Go [Imgur via Reddit]

Step Five

Put the container in a cooler or freezer when you aren't using it, and when you want to rinse, you can pop the soapy ice block out of the container. The larger portion is soapy ice, while the top layer is just clear water.

Shower To Go [Imgur via Reddit]

Step Six

You can then wash yourself off with the soapy side and rinse the soap off with the clear side. Hit the link for the original how-to.

Shower To Go [Imgur via Reddit]


    This sounds horrible... You'd be all wet and sticky...

    It'd be super useful to clean the armpits of odour if your deodorant/antiperspirant has worn off and you want to reapply, but not over the already smelly armpit.

    It was a big joke on reddit. Either lifehacker has a strange sense of humor or they fell for it

    Is it just me or is it true that one needs a freezer to keep this in when it is lot being used? Anywhere I am able to find a freezer I'm sure there is a shower I could use as well

    This is great for mud-runs. I made one for the Warrior Dash and it was perfect. Just stash a few in your color

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