Disturbing Trend Alert: The Region-Locked PC Game

Region locking is an annoying fact of life on console games, but has been less common on PC titles. However, Mark over at Kotaku is reporting that the PC version of Deus Ex Human Revolution has been region-locked, which poses a challenge if you've tried to save money by buying an imported box copy.

The official explanation for the restriction is that all the language files couldn't be fitted on a DVD, which sounds a bit weak to me. Either way, it's a reminder that trying to save money with imported digital goods can sometimes backfire.

Deus Ex Human Revolution On The PC Is Region Locked [Kotaku]


    Yeah, this is as frustrating as we get overcharged soooo much for video games here in Australia.

    I bought a copy of Left 4 Dead 2 when in Malaysia a couple of years ago hoping to get an uncensored version only to discover I couldn't steam activate it when I got home.

    It's not just third world countries that are cheaper too.. even the USA has games set at about half the price they are in Australia, with blockbuster titles averaging around the $50 mark there that sell for twice that or more here.

      And modern warfare 3's steam preorder is us$100. Never been a better time to hate that series...

        Ill be pirating MW3; great single player but shit multi - and i mean come on, they are arrogant pricks who think that $100 for a game is ok......

        i will pay for BF3 though (when it comes to $60, like SC2

      Sucks to be you. I got a friend to just gift me a UK version and am enjoying my non-censored gaming.

    The language files line sounds even weaker when you considers other language heavy games (like Dragon Age) shipped with a second disk containing the dialog files for non-English languages.

    This isn't the first case of region-locking games, however. Steam regularly intervenes in people attempting to purchase *downloaded* games on that platform from outside their country of residence. Then there's also the region-locking of the iTunes store to think about as well.

    Damn,.. I've been playing less games over the last few years and only playing the good ones that I can get cheap on eBay or wherever! I was looking forward to this one too,.. Oh well, just have to wait till it goes on sale at "EB"!#[

      Look at greenmangaming, they've currently got DEHR for I think 42 bucks & 49 for the augmented edition and the digital copies aren't region locked

        Yeah, that's a good price, I might have to look into it Thanks #]

    The only disturbing trend these publishers will notice is a raise in piracy

      serves them right

    The problem is that people complain but still buy it - stop buying it and they'll soon learn that region locking isn't good for business.

      Yeah, you I have to admit, when I was a teenager,.. hell even older, once I got the notion that I wanted something, I'd still pay for it even if it was too expensive. Actually now I'm over fifty and still bought a bloody Asus Tablet, even though it was overpriced! They've got us by the short and curlies on this one! #]

    "all the language files couldn’t be fitted on a DVD".
    Ah, ok, thats understandable. I would have struggled playing the game in American English.

      Just as their profits would have nosedived at the inclusion of a second DVD, its not like any other game has ever done this, ever... Its just not possible

      No, not possible, that other word that sounds like possible... believable!

    One important and handy tip for people who are being screwed over by this, all you need is a UK proxy to activate it, the game says it can only be activated in england, with the proxy steam thinks your IP is in england so you tick both boxes and you're good to go. Once thats done you should be right to play it without the proxy.

    A mate in japan does this all the time with games that aren't released there for months after everywhere else

      What if you already have a steam account? #]

        As far as I've been told, Steam doesn't tie your account to a location, they just do an IP check every time you log in and if the IP says you're in england then you're in england. This is all based on talking to my mate in japan who has stuff brought over from england all the time so he doesn't have to wait 6 months for a japanese localised version of a game.

          Cool Thanks #]

    Plenty of other games to play - looks like I'll be skipping this one.

    Sorry Angus, I've got no comment on this disturbing trend. However I will be getting this game as a present, so no worries for me!

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