Discounted PS3 Even Cheaper At Big W, Overpriced Elsewhere

Sony dropped the price of the PS3 console last week, but discounts on those discounted prices have already started to appear. From today until August 30, Big W is selling the 160GB model for $298, which is $50 lower than the 'official' reduced $349.95 price.

I couldn't spot any similar comparable deals in a quick search online, and indeed it's notable how many online stores haven't yet updated their pricing to reflect Sony's reductions, and still have the 160GB model for $500 or more. That said, the worst deal is Grays Online, which is selling a refurbished PS3 with a 40GB hard drive for $299.95 — more than Big W is charging for a new model with four times the capacity. The lesson, as usual, is to shop around carefully before buying.

Big W [via OzBargain]


    Harvey Norman is selling them for $299. And Play TV for $70.

      PlayTV for $70? ... stuck a 320GB HDD in my launch PS3 and recently moved it into the living room. If the schedule-based recording is any good this could be worth it.

    the 160gb ps3 is $249 while the 320gb is $300. these prices are worldwide.

      No they're not; those are the US prices. The Kotaku story linked in the post has the official Australian prices.

    Key difference here though is that most other places (JB etc) are selling the $349 version as a package with two games, whereas this seems to be console only. Probably accounts for extra $50

    Apparently the old 40GB is highly desirable for it's alternative uses and hack-ability. That might account for asking for a higher price.

      The 40GB was the first of the range that reduced the alternative uses & hackability. The earlier 20GB/60GB models had hardware PS2 emulation - not sold in PAL territories. The 60/80GB models that followed with wireless had PS2 software emulation, and an un-upgraded version still allows for Linux use.

    EB games have it for $298 also (160gb model)

    so not just BigW

    hello guys i just got ripped off bought a ps3 40gb at grays online auction for 290$$ but with shiping and other costs is going to 360$$ it must be here soon.. can please someone tell me what to do???? i am so pissed off!!!!

      yes, read gizmodo/lifehacker more, they told us about this price drop about a month ago!

        Hey guys. I just sold my old 40G PS3 for almost for $300. Also overcharged for P&H.

        I am so awesome.

    Even cheaper straight from Sony $272

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