Dick Smith Selling Motorola Flipout For $99

Motorola's unusual Flipout phone — which sports a slide-under square QWERTY keyboard — is on sale at a run-out price of $99 at Dick Smith stores. Things to note: it's in-store only, Vodafone-locked, and has no official upgrade path beyond version 2.1. It's also substantially cheaper than its $299 launch price (though even that was in the lower range for Android devices when it launched). [Dick Smith via OzBargain]


    Angus, you missed the close tag for the imagebox.

    Looks like you've got a busted image tag there, Angus!

    i'm seriously contemplating getting this to use solely as a htpc remote!

    thoughts anyone?

    I've owned one of these for about 6 months and they are fantastic, the only downside is that they dont have very good battery life.

    I've been seriously considering getting one of these for the last couple of weeks since they came down to about 130.

    Does anybody know if they're unlockable? Bebause I have an optus plan that doesn't expire for another 12 months

    you can unlock it for free. just visit vodafone website to unlock, you need the imei number of the device. Prior to buying it at $134 at dick smith, i went into a vodafone store and was told its free to unlock, just call cust service. I did call them and was unlocked the same day, no fees. However the cust serv guy told me that i can do this via the website. Overall happy with it, except it uses 3G instead of wifi but installed apn off.

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