Deus Ex Region Lock Dumped After User Outcry

Yesterday we noted that PC boxed copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution had been region-locked. That wasn't a popular decision, and now developer Eidos has backflipped on it, saying that it won't pursue the plan.

As Mark over at Kotaku points out, that makes life a little tricky for local retailer OzGameShop, which had already decided to cancel existing orders for import copies when the lock emerged. The bigger picture lesson (from a Lifehacker perspective) that while there shouldn't be any reason why you can't save money buying something on import, it can occasionally backfire.

Now Deus Ex: Human Revolution WON’T Be Region Locked On The PC [Kotaku]


    So, does this mean lower resolution textures to minimise file size so they can fit all the language files on a single DVD?
    Well, that was their excuse for region locking in the first place.

    Man, I'm tired of this crap. Why must we always be at war with the gaming industry? Here's the new deal guys: You stop acting like dickheads with the DRM, Region Locking, Always Online authentication server-that-won't-be-taken-down-ever-we-promise, and we'll buy Call of Duty 29: The Dutining, or whatever you're selling us this month.
    Otherwise I'm going back to Pac Man.

    Now if only EA/Origin had listened to its customers.

    Glad this game company has changed its plans. I am one of these people against game piracy but seriously how does DRM/region locking help.

      It doesn't help, it half perpetuates it.

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