Deus Ex Region Lock Dumped After User Outcry

Deus Ex Region Lock Dumped After User Outcry

Yesterday we noted that PC boxed copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution had been region-locked. That wasn’t a popular decision, and now developer Eidos has backflipped on it, saying that it won’t pursue the plan.

As Mark over at Kotaku points out, that makes life a little tricky for local retailer OzGameShop, which had already decided to cancel existing orders for import copies when the lock emerged. The bigger picture lesson (from a Lifehacker perspective) that while there shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t save money buying something on import, it can occasionally backfire.

Now Deus Ex: Human Revolution WON’T Be Region Locked On The PC [Kotaku]


  • So, does this mean lower resolution textures to minimise file size so they can fit all the language files on a single DVD?
    Well, that was their excuse for region locking in the first place.

  • Man, I’m tired of this crap. Why must we always be at war with the gaming industry? Here’s the new deal guys: You stop acting like dickheads with the DRM, Region Locking, Always Online authentication server-that-won’t-be-taken-down-ever-we-promise, and we’ll buy Call of Duty 29: The Dutining, or whatever you’re selling us this month.
    Otherwise I’m going back to Pac Man.

  • Now if only EA/Origin had listened to its customers.

    Glad this game company has changed its plans. I am one of these people against game piracy but seriously how does DRM/region locking help.

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