Daily Challenge Presses You To Do Something Good For Yourself Every Day

Everyone's busy, and it's all too easy to get caught up in doing things for work, family, friends and other people in general that you forget to take some time and do something for yourself. Daily Challenge is a web service that challenges you every day to do something positive for yourself, whether it's a new exercise, meditation, a long walk, or just a few deep breaths.

Daily Challenge connects with your Facebook account, and once you're logged in the service will send you a note at 7am every morning with the challenge of the day in it. At any point during the day, you can complete the challenge, and when you're finished, log in and tell Daily Challenge you've finished. Each challenge is presented with what you have to do, and why it's important to your physical or mental health and well-being.

The service keeps you going by awarding points for each challenge completed, and allows you to share your accomplishments and progression with friends on Twitter and Facebook. The service does put you through an optional questionnaire after sign-up, but you can choose to complete or skip it. If you're the type who feels you're just too busy to make even small, mindful changes in your life, Daily Challenge can get you started, and hopefully on the path to bigger changes in behaviour.

Daily Challenge [MeYou Health]


    Daily Challenge #1: Build a daily challenge site that doesnt require you to have a facebook (or any other 3rd party) account to sign up....


      Agreed. I refuse to log in to anything (except Facebook) using my Facebook profile. I like to keep it all separate.

        Soon you'll be able to sign up for Daily Challenge with your email address.


      Email & RSS options would have been more interesting to me. Facebook = Fail

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