Crack A Padlock With Nothing But A Paperclip

We've shown you how to crack a master combination padlock, but what about the padlocks with keys? Apparently all you need to break one of those open is a paperclip.

The video above, demonstrating the method on one type of lock, comes from Instructables user theRIAA. The idea is to make a tension wrench out of one half of the paper clip and use the other half to jiggle the lock open. Of course this is much more easily said than done, and if you haven't picked a lock before you should probably learn how before trying this more advanced method, but it is possible and a good way to do it when all you've got is a standard paperclip.

Of course, you don't want to go around picking locks and breaking in to other people's stuff, but if you lose your key or just want a better understanding of lock security this is not a bad skill to have.

For the full instructions and a couple of other demo videos, be sure to check out the full post over at Instructables.

Open a Padlock with One Paperclip, Nothing Else [Instructables]


    I've been locked out of my house a couple of times - I'm assuming this would work on that too then right? Can anyone correct/confirm me?

      You might get lucky and be able to do it, but I've tried this a number of times on various locks just as a personal challenge and, whilst it does work, it is pretty tricky. It takes a lot of practice to do it consistently across different locks.

    Why does this call to my inner geek!

    I've been locked out of my desk drawers for over a month. Saw this vid, grabbed a paperclip and 30 seconds later I'm back in business! Thank you so much.

    That padlock would have to be the easiest type to unlock. What makes any padlock hard to pick/bump is internal tension of the barrel and pins. They key isn't acting as a key in good padlock but also as a lever.

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