Cozi Keeps Your Family Life In Sync On The Web, On Your Phone

Cozi Keeps Your Family Life In Sync On The Web, On Your Phone

Web/iPhone/Android/BlackBerry: It’s hard enough juggling one busy schedule, let alone those of multiple family members. That’s where Cozi comes in. The free app brings order to the chaos of modern life with group calendars, to-do lists, shopping lists and journaling.

If you have a multi-person household, Cozi is a must-try app. One of the most popular group to-do apps, Cozi offers a centralised place for every household member to create shopping lists, see individual and common appointments, delegate tasks (chores!), and even record those special family moments.

One of Cozi’s best features is the cross-platform support, so you can stay in sync with your iPhone-using partner from your BlackBerry while your daughter accesses the calendar from the web app. You can connect the Cozi calendar to Google Calendar, sync with Outlook, and get reminders via SMS or email. It’s like the digital version of the kitchen bulletin board — now available on the go as well.

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  • Hi everyone,
    This is Carol from Cozi. We are WAY excited to see Cozi featured in LifeHacker Australia.

    In reply to Sam’s comment: I’m glad to say that you can access Cozi right now in Australia on your computer at and on your phone at The web version of Cozi is identical worldwide.

    On the other hand, I agree the mobile app at is not as good as the native apps we have released in the US market, but it will definitely allow you to see the calendar and shopping lists on your phone.

    The good news is that we are already working on the native apps for international markets and they should be ready within a few months. By then, you can have your whole family calendar set up on the web and when you download the apps, it will already be done! I hope this helps. ^carol @CoziFamily

  • I managed to get it installed on my android, but I can’t really see its use. As a single male with no dependants that doesn’t use an Outlook calendar, I guess I am just not the target audience.

    If I was managing a family, then sure it would be a great way to remind the kids of this and that, but my cat refuses to use my spare iphone.

  • “This item cannot be installed in your device’s country.”
    I signed up and then tried lots of ways to get the app on my htc desire but no luck. I get the above message or I see the app in the market but without a download button. 🙁

  • I just finished loading all my family’s info, calendars, meal plans, shopping lists, to do’s, even journal entries, synced it with other calendars, sent all my mum friends a link recommending it, shared it via pinterest and facebook and only THEN did i discover i cant use it on my phone!!!! arrgh to the nth degree….just because i live in Australia. When are you app designers going to recognise the Oz market???

  • I just asked Cozi on FB if they had plans to deliver to Oz and got told there were plans but other priorities and now its on hold!! is available on the mobile and you use google to type the address and its limited use but you can view it.

    really got excited about this as its simple to use and our family of 5 which is a blended family has lots of comings and goings and me being a techno with a laptop tablet and HTC phone thought BINGO finally something that resonated with me……….only to find NOPE NO GO ON APPS

    really frustrating!!

    • hi guys, i’ve found a great app called FamilyWall and it’s fully supported in australia. A recent response from cozi said they’re still workign on an international version. Not sure if mobile site info can be migrated to the native app when it s released tho.

  • Still no Australian App and it’s nearly 12 months since Carol’s post! Please get it up and running here, looks perfect for us and I bet all the mining FIFO (fly-in fly-out) people would jump on this!

    • Hi there – has anyone from Australia purchased the full version thats available at the app store? If it really does all the stuff it’s supposed to, plus work on my phone in Australia, then it sounds like a good one? :/

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