Combine Old And New Bars Of Soap Easily With A Notching Technique

Combine Old And New Bars Of Soap Easily With A Notching Technique

Bars of soap are great because you don’t have to fill your house with any unnecessary containers, but when your bar becomes a nub it’s pretty useless — but you don’t have to waste it. Here’s a handy technique from eco-friendly home blog Re-Nest that’ll help you combine your old nub with a new bar easily and ensure it stays that way.

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The trick is to use your fingernail, a paperclip, or something else that’s small and has the ability to cut soap, and create several parallel notches. You’ll need to do this on both the new bar and the old nub. (This will create soap shavings, but you’ll want to save those because they can make the combining process easier.) Once you’ve notched both pieces, fill the grooves in the new bar of soap with a little water. Now match up the scratches you made and press them together, applying even pressure. (You can also create a paste with the soap shavings and use some of those as well if you’re having trouble.) Leave the bar overnight and it should be ready in the morning. No more wasted soap!

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  • HUH?
    fingernail, paperclips, something else?

    Just make sure both soaps in wet condition, preferably dunk them completely in water for ~3 mins. This will soften the surface of both soaps.

    Combine them together on top of each other, and press hard with both of your palms.

    Leave it until it totally dried up until you use that combined soap again.

    Never failed – have been doing this for the last 20 yrs of my life. No need paperclips or something2x.

  • Jerry Seinfeld:

    Well, I’m getting down to that little sliver of soap in my shower again. I’m going to have to make a decision pretty soon. Throw it out or try to do that Vulcan mind-meld to the next bar. If you do that with every bar, how much free soap does that come out to be at the end of your life? Does it really add up? Do you one day look around and discover you’re hundreds of bars ahead of everybody else? You’re throwing soap parties. Giving it away around the office. “Here, Joe. Happy Wednesday.” “Gee, thanks. Where do you get it all?” “I have my methods.” “Wow, that guy sure has a lot of soap.” “Yeah, he’s quite a guy.”

  • Cusson’s Imperial Leather soap has a clever foil label attached to the soap. I used to peel it off, but realised if you leave it on the bar of soap, it protects the small section under it and makes the soap last down to the last tiny bit, leaving no need to join it to the new bar of soap. Perhaps you could add your own label tomyour favourite soap to get the same result.

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