Chronicle Mini Tracks Your Bills, Reminds You When It's Time To Pay

Mac: Chronicle Mini is a little app that sits in your Mac's menubar and keeps track of all the bills you need to pay. You can also include bill pay URLs so you can easy go to the payment site with one click. If you need a reminder, Chronicle Mini can also set those in iCal automatically.All you need to do is specify the date and how often they should reoccur. While it's designed to work with Chronicle, a personal finance management program, this little menubar app does everything described on its own for free. While you'll see options to purchase its big brother in the user interface, that's not a requirement to use it.

Chronicle Mini is available in the Mac App Store, right now, as a free download. If you can't remember to pay your bills and want an easy way to manage reminders, this is a great, unobtrusive option.

Chronicle Mini (Free) [Mac App Store]


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