Choose Your Own Finance Adventure Infographic Shows Best Savings Options

This week's sharemarket rollercoaster might have made you nervous about more exotic investment opportunities. Finance comparison site Mozo has produced a handy infographic highlighting some of the best currently available savings options.

The infographic doesn't cover every possible scenario, but it is a handy quick guide to ideas you might not otherwise have considered.



    I have all my $$ in a UBANK account at the moment, i am earning $60 a week in interest! :)

    not nearly enough though :P

      And now we know exactly how much money you have

    Watch out on the tax obligations of high interest though!

    And with Ubank even if you cant afford to deposit $200 a month, you can make a regular outgoing payment from your Ubank Savings account to your normal account at $200 and then setup an Automatic savings plan for the same amount to come out of your normal account for that same day.

    Extra 0.51% and all its costing you is a very small amount of interest while that $200 isn't in the savings account.

    why is the citibank term deposit even on there?

      Hi Dre

      The Citi term deposit is there as an option for people who a) just want to stash some cash and not make ongoing deposits and / or b) want to protect against the possibility of rate cuts and / or c) want to put their cash out of temptation's reach!

      Kirsty @ Mozo

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