Chameleon Window Manager Adds Extra Buttons To Title Bars

Chameleon Window Manager Adds Extra Buttons To Title Bars

Windows: Chameleon Window Manager adds up to six extra buttons to the Windows title bar, letting you snap windows to the edge of your screen, minimise them to the system tray and more.


We all know those three title bar buttons well, but there are a myriad of other things you could want to do with a window. Instead of applying keyboard shortcuts or hiding them in context menus, Chameleon Window Manager puts them in a familiar location: the upper right hand corner of your windows. You can customise which buttons you want to appear, each of which performs a different function: you can snap that window to the left, snap it to the right, change its transparency, make that window sit on top of all others, hide everything except the title bar, and minimise it to the system tray. It’s surprisingly snappy, too, so it doesn’t feel like you’re running some hacked buttons over your windows — it just adds the ones you wish you always had.

Chameleon Window Manager is a free download for Windows XP and above.

Chameleon Window Manager [via CyberNet News]


  • This looks like a good solution to extend the usefulness of a program title bar, a bar that takes up so much screen space for so little result.

    I would like to see something that hides the program title bar completely in some way. Thanks to various articles on Lifehacker I have Firefox without a useless title bar, but my other programs all still have the largely vacant title bar sprawled across the screen.

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