Challenge The Myth Of The Grass Being Greener On The Other Side

Challenge The Myth Of The Grass Being Greener On The Other Side

You’ve probably heard a hundred times you should just be happy with what you have and make the most of it. Psychology Today points out this isn’t mere “feel better about your life” advice — it’s critical to your mental and emotional well-being.

Realizing that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side is, psychologist Melanie Klein says, “a cornerstone of mental health, contentment, inner security and peace of mind.” Believing that others have it better or yearning for their lives undermines the goodness of our own and distracts us from the main task of making the most of what we have:

We only have our own [lawn] . But that is the pivotal spot. If we can accept reality for what it is, we have the chance to develop it, to improve it, and to grow it.

Next time you catch yourself thinking, if I only had so-and-so’s life/job/talents/money/stuff/whatever… remember to turn back towards the life you have (it’s the only one you can tend to and grow).

Mythbusters: The Grass Is NOT Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence [Psychology Today]


  • This was advice given by a proffessional person in a well paid position.

    Maybe these Psychologist’s should try to actually live anothers life for and extended period of time and see what it’s like. Perhaps live like a homeless, jobless person and ensure that your qualifications aren’t recognised.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t rate Physicologists at all. It has just got to be one of the least exact sciences on the planet and not far removed from astrology or numerology. Well, Ok, maybe they’re a bit better than that.

  • If you have ever driven through the country and looked out the car window, you would see lots of beautiful green grass, but then if you stopped the car, climbed the fence and had a closer look at that grass you will see :-

    a. Tall grass looks nice side on and from a distance, but when looking at it closely, you find lots of gaps and missing patches;
    b. It can be full of weeds and thorns;
    c. It is frequently wet and boggy – ie the grass is green, because there’s been lots of rain; and finally
    d. It’s the place where all the animals sh**.

    That should put an end to coveting thy neighbour’s grass.

    • I live in the country and I often see fields that are completely bare, becuase the animals have eaten all the feed. What do they do? They don’t whine about it, they stick their heads through the fence and eat the longer grass on the other side.

      True story of course, and just a relevant (or useful) as your donation to this article.

  • “Realizing that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side is a cornerstone of mental health”.

    That’s a BS statement if I ever heard one. It indicates the Phychogist is deep into deniability.

    There are always people smarter and dumber that yourself; Fact!

    There are always people better or worse off than yourself; Fact! Accept this and work with it and you might have a better chance at mental wellbeing as well as a platform to work from and succeed in the future.

    Denying something does not make you a better individual.

    • Bernhard – you’re missing the point.

      Yes there are people who may be better off than you, but you can only change things by addressing your own life “short-comings” than simply wishing you were them.

      • No Simo, you are missing the point.

        I said “There are always people better or WORSE off than yourself”. I’m looking at both sides of the coin, knowing my position and using that as a base to improve my life. That’s what I said. I said acknowledge the situation and your position and use that as a platform to succeed.

        The article basically just addressed just the greener situation and didn’t look at a balanced position of perhaps you’re also better off than others. Basically I’m saying the Phycologist was telling people to ignore the greener issue and that’s denial. The Psych should tell people to look at the entire issue and deal with it and then move on.

        • Ahhh…deep sigh.

          The saying is about “Envying people are you think are better off than you.”

          Envy is a feeling, psychologists deal with peoples feelings.

          You talk about facts – I am not denying the facts, but as I said you’ve missed the point that this is about feelings not facts.

  • Ok, I see, you’re talking about feelings. They can be dangerous. But the article was not really talking about feelings, it was talking about belief (also dangerous). Very similar in some ways.

  • The post is correct – a person can only start with themselves. The posting isn’t about other people, happiness comes from within, and if you are unhappy, start with one small thing. That is all.

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