CalmDown For Mac Encourages You To Relax

Mac: If your computer or something you're dealing with on the web has you irritated, CalmDown can help you take a deep breath, relax, and move on with your life before you dive into a flame war or send an email you'll regret later.

CalmDown sits in your menu bar, and when you need to relax or you're just really stressed, click the Yin-Yang icon in your menu bar and select "calm down", or a series of deep breaths. If you select "Calm Down", your Mac's display will fade to white for a moment, encouraging you to take a deep breath or look away from the screen. A moment later, it'll come back into focus. Select "5 deep breaths", and the screen will do it again, just alternating colours for a good five-count before returning to normal.

The app is $0.99 in the Mac App Store, which may seem silly when you could just walk away from the keyboard, but considering how contentious rapid-fire debates on the internet are and how often people send emails they wish they could take back, it might be worth it to save your sanity.

CalmDown [Mac App Store]


    Phffft, heh heh,..What a silly bloody app. You'd use it once or twice,realise you don't need some silly token headshrink app telling you to calm down and promptly disregard it from then on! Unless there's something about Mac's that piss people off!..#]

      Wow, if CalmDown makes you this angry you should probably stay away from the iPhone App Store.

    @EckyThump Sounds like this post has made you a bit aggro... you might want to take 5 deep breaths :D

      Hey, I calls em as I sees em, Heh heh..#]

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