Offers Free, No Sign-Up File Sharing For Groups

1 Offers Free, No Sign-Up File Sharing For Groups is a free web service that allows you to upload files you’d like to share with others, all without signing up for a service or hosting the files yourself. The service lets you create “boxes”, either public or private, where you can make those files stands out because it doesn’t require a sign-up, and unlike Dropbox or similar services you don’t have to fill your own quota with files that you want to share with others. As well, the service allows you to make private boxes to share with individuals you send the download URL to. Plus, the interface is easy-to-use and it’s completely free. [via Addictive Tips]


  • Hey look – if you google , you can see all the ‘private url’ boxes. Ripping all the content from them is just a firefox extension away.

    I’m guessing they might want to uncomment those lines from their robots.txt, seen here: . For the moment you might want to avoid using them for actual private sharing.

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