Big W Taking Pre-Orders Online For Kindle

You've been able to get the Kindle shipped to Australia direct from Amazon since late 2009, but the ebook reader is set to hit local retailers as well. Big W is now taking online pre-orders for the Kindle, at prices which are roughly comparable to Amazon's.

Big W is charging $159 for the Wi-Fi model and $219 for the 3G version, and both currently come with free postage. That's close to what Amazon charges ($157 and $206 respectively in Australian dollars with delivery), though in the case of Big W you'll still have to wait until August 29 for it to actually ship, and the 3G option is cheaper going directed.

Anyone tempted by Big W (or Dick Smith which, as commenters point out, will also offer the device)? Or do you figure that the Amazon deal is still a better option?

Big W [via OzBargain]


    I bought a Kindle through Amazon not too long ago, actually many people I know did the same thing.

    Delivery was ridiculously fast. On average, we were waiting two to three days. Until we can walk into retailers and pick one up off of the shelves, I think buying direct from Amazon is probably still the best bet.

      Second that, extremely fast delivery. Also, replacement.
      I busted mine, replaced in two days. Took me longer to get down to the post office to pick it up than it did for them to send it from the US.

      So don't let the returns worry you out of a purchase people.

    Yup.. those Kindle delivery are lightning fast from Amazon. Wish all deliveries for purchases through Amazon were that fast. Even if I could walk into Big W and pick one up for roughly the same price, I would STILL order from Amazon. Big W need to do something "extra" to make it worth my while. Even if they were simply to throw in a $10 Amazon Kindle Store gift card, would be enough for me to consider it... but if it's just the same for the same.. I will get it from Amazon.

    I was just wondering if they will sell accesories for the Kindle too. For all the cases I liked on Amazon, it was not possible to ship them to Australia :(

      Dick Smiths has accessories advertised on their website

    After recently buying an iPad at Big W and experiencing their astounding lack of knowledge about even the most basic things relating to it, I would say go Amazon. Aussie retailers really dont do themselves any favours. They really need to fix up their customer service if they want to be attractive to Aussie buyers.

      They still have the advantage of being a brick and mortar store, so you can do returns etc. I guess that can be worth it at times.

    I got mine through amazon a while ago. Just visited the amazon site and went through the process of ordering a kindle (without actually finalising payment).
    Seems they offer free shipping on 5-8 business days, which means you get the 3G version for $186.

    Just check the Dick Smith website (also owned by Woolworths) and on the front page the Kindle is also for preorder.

    Now all Amazon need to do is get rid of that "This title is not available in your region" problem

      Precisely why I haven't bought one yet. My mother and sister both own one, which is how I know about the speedy delivery.. but I held off because a lot of the books *I* want to read are not available in my region..

      ..I mean.. c'mon! It's not like they need to release it in PAL (vs NTSC) format.. or add anything extra for different markets.. it's a book.. with text...

      Becoming less of a problem lately. I've been reading ebooks since 1999 since I was a Palm OS fan and early smart phone adopter. I had the ridiculous situation where I had bought the complete "Lord of the Rings" series in (now B&N) ereader format. Bought a Kindle early last year but couldn't re-purchase LotR in Kindle format due to region issues. I own the series in print and electronic format but still couldn't even buy it again on the Kindle. I mean I was trying to do the right thing but what's a technologically competent ebook lover with access to a search engine meant to do?

    Hmm, that's surprising - does Amazon do any third-party selling like this in the US or the UK?

    (I was more hoping for a .au site to be created, but oh well!)

    I'd rather buy one of these:

    Trumps the Kindle in so many ways. Supports 16 eBook formats. 12 month extendible warranty. Sure it doesn't have wifi or 3G, but do I really need it? I'd rather save some cash and buy a device that makes my reading experience better and supports the eBooks I already have.

      Supports the most formats, yes, but that's pointless when none of them are the format the biggest e-bookstore (Amazon) uses.

    Au contraire! One can simply convert the Amazon Kindle .azw format to .epub.

    These work a treat:

    "Amazon charges ($157 and $206 respectively in Australian dollars with delivery)"


    Your prices are incorrect.

    Amazon charges US$139 for the Wifi version = A$132 at current rates, so it makes the Big W version quite a bit more expensive - approx 20% more.

    However, the Big W free postage may equalise the cost to you, as long as it lasts.

    There's a way around the "books not available in your region" if you are so inclined. Do a bit of googling.

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