Avoid These Body Language Postures In A Presentation

Avoid These Body Language Postures In A Presentation

Your gestures and how you hold yourself during a presentation convey as much as words might. Inc has rounded up 10 examples of wrong body language so you can instead look and sound professional.

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One really important piece of advice is to not speak to the screen; i.e. face the audience rather than turn your back to them. Inc suggests a “think, turn, talk” method for presenters:

Look at an item you are discussing to gather your thoughts, turn to look at the audience, and then start speaking.

Among the article’s more interesting tips is to gesture from the shoulder rather than the elbow, which looks awkward and a bit too much like you’re doing the chicken dance, Inc writes. For more things to avoid, hit up the full article below.

The Wrong Body Languae [Inc]


  • If you need to look at the screen to gather your thoughts, then you probably shouldn’t be giving the presentation at all. I remember reading somewhere, perhaps in Wired, that successful CEOs said generally a high quality one hour presentation required 40 hours of preparation.

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