Ask LH: Which Android Music Player Should I Use?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m currently using Songbird as a music player and management system for my phone. It doesn’t feel as polished as the iPod experience; do you know of an alternative Android app? Thanks, Pining For The Tunes

Dear PFTT,

There’s two elements to this question really: the best player on your device and the best means of syncing with it. In terms of player, we singled out PowerAMP a while back as our app of choice for music playback on Android phones, and you can hit that writeup for a detailed explanation of why and a list of possible alternatives.

In terms of Android syncing, outside of Songbird the most prominent examples that spring to mind are DoubleTwist and MediaMonkey. For a more detailed explanation of the different approaches you can take to syncing your Android, check out our guide to breaking down the barrier between your Android phone and your computer, which also mentions ways of using iTunes as your main music source. If readers want to share their own approach, the comments are waiting!


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