Ask LH: What Games Should I Buy First For My PS3?

Dear Lifehacker, After living what some (read: most LH readers) would call a deprived childhood without a gaming console, at the ripe old age of 20 I finally picked up a PS3 today at its newly reduced price. Anyway, now I need some fantastic titles to feed this baby and I'm a bit lost as to where to start!

Traditionally, I've been terrible at first-person shooter games, but I'm eager to pick up the controller, ignore the uni assignment work and get into it! I'm usually far more capable within a racing game scenario or anything similar. As someone who is relatively new to the scene, I'm probably not looking to spend hundreds of dollars at the moment on upcoming game titles, so some slightly older titles to get me into the mood of things would be appreciated. (That said, if there is a "must have" out there that must simply not be avoided, do let me know!) Hopefully your wise words shall inspire some confidence in my gaming future.

Regards Gaming Noob

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Dear Noob,

Good question. As someone who has personally resisted the charms of the PS3 so far and doesn't even dust off his PS2 that often, I can't offer much in the way of recommendations based on my experience. We ran a long post earlier this year on the many charms of Portal 2, and that might be one obvious entry point. If you're feeling budget-minded, it's also always worth hunting down second-hand copies at your local games store.

But this is definitely one where the Lifehacker community can help out. What PS3 games with a racing-more-than-FPS bent would you recommend for a new owner? Tell us (and tell us why) in the comments.

Cheers Lifehacker

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    DiRT 1 or 2 (no need to get Dirt 3 if you're budget conscious)
    Gran Turismo
    Little Big Planet

    Not a game, but get PS3 Media Server.
    Absolute must for any PS3 users.

      I completely agree. Now if only they managed to get it accessible from other DLNA devices too

    Little Big Planet
    Red Dead Redemption

    Uncharted 1 and 2 for sure.
    I know they are shooters but these are must haves for anyone with a PS3.

    There's a car racing segment in Heavy Rain which is a great game for lots of other reasons. If you're feeling budget-minded go to Ebay, I've been burnt with other purchases there but always been satisfied with buying games from local reputable sellers.

    Always a good list to consult and take opinions with a grain of salt.

    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

    best game on the console.

      +1. MGS4 was the single reason I purchased a PS3.

      Do not attempt to beat it on maximum difficultly. You'll wake up in some back ally, missing a kidney, some hair & wondering what happened for the last three weeks of your life.

      I'm *Dead* serious.

    Oh man, you're in for a treat. First of all, you need to know where to get your games on the cheap. If you are happy to wait a little while for your games (1-2 weeks), use for some crazy bargains.

    As for the games, I'd suggest:
    - FIFA 11 (the greatest game ever made :) and only $32 on OzGS
    - Red Dead Redemption for open-world awesomeness (a goddamn steal at $26)
    - a FPS, like COD (personally I think Modern Warfare 2 is much better than Black Ops), or Killzone.

    Or Mass Effect 2, Uncharted 2, Batman, Gran Turismo, Dirt 3 etc etc etc etc etc

    Don't get MGS4 if you haven't played 1 and 2 - it makes no sense!

    I recommend 'Wipeout HD', only available from the online store.

    Tiger Woods 12
    I get my PS3 games from because they are way cheaper than JB or EBGames

    Grand Turismo 5 for racing
    Uncharted 1 & 2 for epic adventure

    Arkham Asylum. The right mix of game and story, beautiful design and concept. Also, the best Joker portrayal ever.

    Wipeout HD +1

    What sort of racing do you like? Arcade (non realistic driving, may or may not have powerups) or simulation (realistic driving)? Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is an awesome arcade racer, so is Need for Speed: Carbon, but if you're after simulation, you'd be best off with Gran Turismo 5.
    And as other's have suggested, batman Arkham Asylum is a must buy (it's a third person action game).

    mass effect 2.. it's epic, do it!

    Well I am in exactly the same boat, thought I would get in and jump on a PS3 since the price drop. I myself am definitely interested in Uncharted 1&2, the God of War Pack and God of War 3 and perhaps Heavy Rain, but then I only need the exclusives seeing as I have an xbox 360. Oh and Demon Souls, that looks epic.

    Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition; also SF3:TS,OE (if it's available in AUS by now); Tekken 6.

    If you want something hard: Ninja Gaiden.

    i think you guys are forgetting a little game called ratchet and clank

    In terms of older, cheaper things. The uncharted series and the ratchet and clank series are very good value. As are the earlier editions of assassins creed.

    Heavy rain was apparently liked by everyone BUT me.

    The god of war series was again liked by everyone but me. However something I did like which is similar would be Wolverine: Origins.

    Batman: Arkhan Asylum is great fun if you can get it cheap.

    As someone said red dead is great. (and a flat out amazing looking game) but you should see if you can pick up gta4 and since we are talking about open world games saints row 2.

    There are a fair few shooty games there, but all that are have a secondary exploration element to them which are solid.

    +1 PS3 Media Server
    +50 Little Big Planet and LBP 2

    Oh yes. And little big planet! (though the second will still be a high price)

    If I had a PS3, or if I was going to get one, I'd play:

    Heavy Rain

    I think that's about it. Maybe LBP.

    For less mainstream games I would recommend:
    - Flower (laid-back, relaxing, not for everyone)
    - To Dust
    - Braid (also available on PC, for that matter)
    - Limbo (gory death scenes, heh)

    They can be bought from the PSN, I'm pretty sure they're not in stores.

      Scratch that, 'To Dust' is in stores

    Definately Gran Turismo 5...

    why does everyone forget inFamous? best exclusive game on ps3.

    make sure you play both :)

      Nobody forgot it. Don't you worry.

      The second is supposedly better but the question was for older, cheaper games.

    Gran Turismo 5
    Resistance 2
    Media Streamer of some description

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