Apple Releases Official Lion Recovery Disk Creator


    Hmm... it says "Built right into OS X Lion, Lion Recovery lets you repair disks or reinstall OS X Lion without the need for a physical disc."

    and then it has a download link... for something 'built right into Lion'...


    "Note: In order to create an external Lion Recovery using the Lion Recovery Assistant, the Mac must have an existing Recovery HD."

    Can anyone provide any more info on this? This is very confusing. Why would I make one if I already had one?

      Once you have installed Lion from the app store download. It creates a Recovery Partition on your Hard drive which you can access by holding your Option key down upon booting. However i believe by using the Recovery Creator, it will duplicate or image or recreate this onto a Usb drive or External Hdd should you not want it on your Partition.

    I guess this is the Lion that didn't roar. MacVista anyone?

      umm... how long did you spend coming up with that?

    Could someone clarify. This now means that if I create a recovery disk I can completely wipe a new macbook air and install windows 7, but still have the option to go back to Lion if I chose?

      I *think* so... Apple's page is extremely vague. I still can't work it out.

      I know you probably have a good reason, but why not just install Win 7 as a bootcamp partition?

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