Android Parental Control Contains Kid Access To Your Smartphone

Android: I've often given my son my phone to play Angry Birds, and at least twice he's managed to delete contacts or emails. Android Parental Control helps users lock down their phones so kids can only use apps that you have approved; an admin password is required to access any restricted app.

The app can be set to launch as soon as the phone boots so clever kids can't get around the restrictions by rebooting the phone. You can also enable "Safe Sandbox" mode to show a screen with approved apps your kids can access. This is great for little explorers who are frustrated when they can't open the apps they want to try. The only apps they see are the ones you've previously selected that they can see.

The app works well and is free. If you want the ability to let kids play games or watch videos on your phone without having to worry about them accessing inappropriate apps or deleting info, you should definitely check it out. The app has not had an update since last December, but the developers seem to frequently use the app's Facebook page.

Android Parental Control is a free app available in the Android Market.

Android Parental Control [Android Market]


    Doesn't seem to work with GO launcher...

    I would imagine because it would be a launcher-esque program in itself. Ie. it works over the top of your normal launcher.

    he there,
    amyone knows about a similar app for iphone?
    my litle one already deleted 2 apps

    You can also use Zdbox, which does about a million other things as well

    Brilliant! This is just what I need.

    I'm also looking for a video player that can be locked, such that it's non-trivial to unlock. VitalPlayer can be locked, but a hold on the screen unlocks it, and that's too easy to do accidentally.

    I need my daughter to be able to handle the MyPad while watching Anpanman without it stopping playing....

    This app looks good for when junior outgrows toddler Lock

    Be careful, this app stops by itself. My daughter has a galaxy player and I loaded this to limit her access to the internet and email. If the device sits for a while the app stops and she has full access. Still looking for a work around.

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