Adobe Offering 50% Off For Disgruntled Final Cut Pro X Customers

Adobe has had a 50% off deal on Premier Pro CSS 5.5 for customers less than pleased with Apple's controversial approach to video editing in Final Cut Pro X for a while now, but it has only just made the offer officially live on its Australian site. Enter the code SWITCH and you'll get 50% off the $1333 list price.

As Danny on our sibling site Gizmodo has pointed out, that still seems like a rort compared to the US pricing, especially given the US dollar. It's still a hefty saving if you need professional video editing tools however. The offer runs until October 31.



    or find a student friend and get cs5.5 for like $370 ;)

    Still twice as much though. And if you already have a final cut workflow you aren't likely to want to switch out of spite.

    Not that Adobe gives a rats, but thanks for pointing out that this "special" price is still a complete ripoff compared to the US price.

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