Add Storage To An IKEA Lack Table

The Lack Table topped our list of most adaptable IKEA products under $10, but one thing it doesn't offer on its own is any storage options. One potential solution to that problem? Merge it with another Lack table.At IKEA Hackers, Jay details a very simple fix: using superglue to attach the top of a second Lack table to the base of the first, creating an effective shelf. Jay used a no-longer-produced IKEA basket with feet to add internal storage, but you could get a similar effect with feet or castors from any hardware store. As well as giving you somewhere to put magazines, remotes or other couch-side essentials, that also raises the height of the Lack a little, which works better with some couches.

(un)Lack of height [IKEA Hackers]


    Soooo, the hack is to add a base and then stick a basket in it?

    Why not just store a basket underneath it. Why add a base? Just seems like extra cost for no realy benefit. Except that it stops you seeing your floor, I guess. Woo.

      I think it comes down to a matter of aesthetics, Robert. With the extra table surface underneath the entire structure becomes more unified, as if the basket was really meant to be there. Without the extra bit would also be fine but for not much more money and not too much effort I think it could look better.

      ..add to the fact that you've effectively made a cube with all sorts of options like building vertically for a cheap bookshelf.

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