ACMA Warns HR Software Provider Over Spamming

ACMA Warns HR Software Provider Over Spamming

Few things gladden my heart more than a company that sends spam getting taken to task. Regulator ACMA today revealed that it had formally warned Melbourne company Astute People Solutions over an email marketing campaign promoting interview skills software.

Formal warning is the final stage before ACMA starts doling out fines (as it did to Virgin earlier this year. Sadly, the regulator doesn’t have that ability unless the spam originates from Australia and includes an Australian link, so we’re still going to need our existing spam filters and other spam management techniques.



  • About time they took some of these mongrels to task. I report plenty of Australian companies in breach of the Spam Act to ACMA but they do sweet f-all.

    Why the warning phase? Ignorance of the law is no excuse. A few massive fines, even to small companies, and the message will get out there.

  • On the other hand, my company received a “warning” of sorts from ACMA when we had done absolutely nothing wrong. They merely passed a complaint on to us, suggesting we may have sent unsolicited emails. When we asked for more detail from ACMA, asserting we had done nothing wrong, they stated they couldn’t, since all they had done was pass on the complaint, without making any attempt at all to verify the complaint. Extraordinary behaviour.

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