7notes For iPad Lets You Take Notes On-Screen With Your Finger

iPad: If you've been waiting for a utility that finally lets you take notes on a tablet screen like you would a piece of paper, either with a stylus or with your finger, 7notes for iPad may be the app you've been waiting for.

Not many tablet apps really allow you to use your tablet to take notes the way you would if you had a piece of paper, but 7notes changes all of that. The utility allows you to take notes using the software keyboard, tapping your finger on the screen and writing with it, or using a stylus that supports capacitive touchscreens. Decorate your notes with illustrations or drawings, and then save it to PDF, email it to yourself for later, or post it to Twitter, Facebook, Evernote or Dropbox.

All of these features-and being one of the first iPad apps that really brings the promise of handwriting on the iPad screen to life-are completely free. You can upgrade to 7notes HD Premium for $9.49, a price that gets you handwriting-to-text conversion so you can turn in-class notes into manageable documents.

7Notes HD [7Knowledge via TUAW]


    An very good alternative to this which I have been using for awhile now is Notes Plus. Check it out.

    *A very good......

    Ummm, I'm not sure what rock you are living under but there are quite a number of good, high quality handwriting apps for the iPad that have been around for some time. Penultimate, Note Taker HD, DukePen, Noteshelf and Notes Plus are all 4/5 star handwriting applications.

      +1 for Penultimate

    I would also like to add that they are all significantly cheaper than the $9.49 offering of 7notes. $5.49 being the most expensive of them.

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