40% Of Aussies Would Throw Stuff Out Rather Than Sell It

40% Of Aussies Would Throw Stuff Out Rather Than Sell It

Clutter is a fact of life, but there’s more than one way to deal with it. New survey data suggests that while a quarter of us would sell unwanted items online, 40 per cent of us would simply chuck them out rather than going through the hassle.

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The survey, commissioned by online classified site Dinko’s (yeah, we know, who thought of that name?), asked 1,100 people to estimate the value of unused items in their home and describe what they might do with them. The estimated value was $2,500, though since this wasn’t independently confirmed there could be an element of wishful thinking involved. Only 10% of respondents said they would use the old-fashioned garage sale.

Of course, a site that wants people to list items on its site is hardly going to release survey results that confirm the ugly truth that your treasured collection of 90s sitcoms on VHS are completely unshiftable and likely to end up as landfill. Nonetheless, here at Lifehacker we’re all about clearing clutter and if you have items that still work but don’t work for you, then selling them or giving them away is always a sensible strategy.


    • Actually, I think it might be closer than you may think, self serving or not.. People just don’t want to buy old stuff any more unless it’s collectable, hence the garage sale boom, which I think is also dying off! #]

  • Hell, we can’t even give stuff to St Vinnies any more because they don’t want electronics! Something about liability! You can’t sell the old electronics because the new stuff is so cheap… so what else can you do? #[

    • I’d use your service more if you listed a wider variety of devices on the site — for instance, you don’t list a single non-Apple MP3 player. Of all the old devices I have and no longer use, *none* are actually listed. It’s a pain to have to request a custom quote for each of them, so I’ve never bothered.

      • We only buy what is practicable through the postal system. This essentially limits us to the biggest items being game consoles and laptops. Anything bigger than that cannot easily be handled through AusPost and would result in high costs through courier networks.

  • Being in IT, I have found giving away any sort of old electronic item seems to carry this expected 24/7 support guarantee with it…which I hate. And if you’ve ever sold anything on eBay you’ll know the annoyance of people’s complaints and after-thoughts, and dealing with PayPal on any sort of business level is a pain. I hate throwing stuff out, but sometimes it haunts you even if you give it away or sell it 🙂

  • Maybe you would like to check out a reuse website we just launched 8 weeks ago http://www.ziilch.com.au
    It’s a platform where you can give away items you no longer want to other people that can use them. People are also choosing to post items around Australia, so you don’t even have to rely on somebody local collecting them!

  • This is why there’s a huge number of people who love vergeside collections, and a subset who make a living re-selling things from it.

    My current computer, desk, tv, parents computer, bookshelf, and fridge were all picked up from the side of the road. It’s like freecycle with the entire community involved.

  • The sucky thing is that even when people are feeling charitable and want to give their perfectly good, hardly a scratch on it, stuff away to charities; those charities deem the goods to be of low quality and refuse to take them.

  • I rarely sell things, because the hassle of the sale itself isnt worth it.

    Generating an advert (photos, text), listing it, waiting around on weekends and after hours for jerks who may/may not turn up, handling email queries, in the case of laptops etc making 100% sure its wiped clean of personal information…. just not worth it.

    I’d rather just keep them around as a backup device until they are too outdated to be of any use to me, then bin them.

    First world living.

  • Freecycle is a joke. 12 emails immediately (all “rules”, couldn’t this have been consolidated into one email?) and the list of rules is as long as your arm. Don’t do this, do that, no giving away this, you can give away that but we have a mod who has to apporve it, yadda yadda. It’s a really overbearing way to give things away. Imagine your crotchety old uncle running a charity. Fail. CL Free is where it’s at.

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