Would You Be Able To Resist Using A Smartphone On MasterChef?

As had been rumoured a few weeks ago, MasterChef contestant Mat Beyer got booted off the show on Wednesday night's episode after he was caught breaking the rules by using a mobile phone. Beyer said that he'd used the phone not to look up recipes, but to stay in touch with his girlfriend. Assuming he's telling the truth, how on earth did he resist the temptation?

We didn't get told which model phone Beyer was using (presumably to avoid diluting the message of sponsors with unaffiliated brands), but given his age and hipster status it seems reasonably safe to assume it would have had some sort of internet access. The show was at pains to suggest that this hadn't actually been used to look up recipes. Beyer himself said:

I've just been really struggling because I'm missing my girlfriend.

To underscore the point, other contestants noted that it gave Beyer a "potential" advantage even though they didn't believe that he had exploited it.

For someone who couldn't manage without contacting his girlfriend, Beyer apparently has amazing willpower. I couldn't imagine going 24 hours without internet access under normal circumstances. On a high-pressure TV show, I'd find the temptation to know more about the world (and perhaps check a few recipes) absolutely impossible to resist. How do you imagine you'd cope?


    For reference, Matt will be on 'The 7PM Project' tomorrow night to talk more in depth about what happened.

    I actually used to work with Mat just before he left to go on MasterChef. He is definitely not the kind of person who would use it to look up recipes and I very much doubt he would need to. I think they should have allowed some more flexibility with communication with outsiders. I mean, if I was seperated from my partner for even two or three days I would be pining.
    By the way, he uses an iPhone, I think 4 but maybe 3gs.

    Matt is a friend of mine, and knowing the relationship him and his girlfriend have, I have no doubt he's telling the truth. Shame it came to this.

    I agree with the overall sentiment here, a bit rough that he was booted for that. Granted those are the rules and I can see why those in particular are in place, but they do seem quite tough.

    I'd just like to say that I don't know Mat personally, and don't expect to in the near future.

    I am Matt's cat, Fluffy.

    I can tell you for sure that he wasn't looking up the internets. I'm the only one who uses the internet here, he's never even seen a lolcat.

    Thanks for the response from all the commenters here :) I for one have complete faith in Mat!

    Matt is a friend of mine, I have no doubt he used it for recipes

    It's unfortunate, yes, but also the very simple. He signed on to the show under a set of rules and he broke one.

    I am Mats mother, and I think you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    Rules are rules. Simple as that. The show staff said if he had approached them about it they would have given him more time on the phone.

    I am Matt's internet and he certainly didn't use me .... except to look up pron coz he was missing his girlfriend.

    "Would You Be Able To Resist Using A Smartphone On MasterChef?"

    So far, I've successfully resisted MasterChef, period.

    "For reference, Matt will be on ‘The 7PM Project’ tomorrow night to talk more in depth about what happened."

    Wow, another show I don't watch.

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