Why Aren’t You Using A Headset On Your Phone?

While the cancer-risk of using a mobile phone is still causing debate, it is generally agreed that using a headset lowers that risk. So why aren’t more of us doing that?

Picture by David Terrar

A survey of 2,500 Australians by Canstar Blue found that 70% of Australians didn’t want to use a hands-free headset. What that makes me wonder is why that is. Are they too ugly? Are they too uncomfortable? Has the charge always run out when you need them? Do you only ever use them in the car?

When I want to make a lengthy call, I’ll usually plug in a headset, but that’s often got as much to do with multi-tasking as health concerns; if I’m speaking through the headset, I can take a walk or wash the dishes while I’m on the phone. But plugging in just for calls sometimes just seems too much of a hassle a lot of the time. What’s your reasoning? Tell us in the comments.


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