What Would You Want On A Dual-Booting Phone?

Gizmodo called it correctly: The idea of a mobile phone that offers a choice of running either Windows 7 (the PC OS, not the phone one) or a hand-coded “phone mode” is a nightmare. However, the notion of a dual-booting phone with more sensible operating system choices is kind of intriguing.

I’m sure some people would say that a phone which switched between iOS and Android would be ideal (you can install Android on an iPhone if you really want to). I think the idea of a keyboard-equipped Android phone that could also boot into the Linux command line is kind of awesome. (I’d also like a BlackBerry/Android combo, but that’s coming to the PlayBook eventually.)

What two options would you like to see combined on a single phone? Share your ideas in the comments.

Horrible Idea Nightmare Phone Runs Windows 7 [Gizmodo]


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