What Would You Do With Six Months To Change Your Job?

Series 3 of MasterChef Australia yet isn't done, but applications are already open for season 4 in 2012. That means thousands of Australians will sign up to try and fulfil their dreams of a career in food/TV stardom, but I'm thinking more broadly. What would you do if you had six months to pursue your dream and a basic salary to pursue it?

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Successful contestants on MasterChef can be on the show for up to six months, during which they receive an allowance of $500 a week. That's below the minimum wage, but it is quite a lot to get paid while trying to change your career and develop your skills.

Not everyone wants to be a chef (or have to talk about "the journey" on camera for hours every week), but I suspect many of us would love the opportunity to take six months and transform our lives. What career path or dream project would you pursue? Tell us in the comments.

MasterChef Applications [via TV Tonight]


    Photography! Six months would give me time to start a studio downtown and spend more time travelling around taking photos to sell as prints. Of course one can't really do TOO much in photography with just a basic salary but with the equipment I've got and some creative purchasing from eBay, I'd do alright.

    http://facebook.com/davidgrayphotography or http://solidinc.org if anyone else is a fan of photography (hint hint!)

    I'd love nothing better then to get my helicopters pilots license.

    Basically, if you knew you couldn't fail and money was the only obstacal.

    Reduce, reuse and save.

    Cut out all unnecessary spending. Basically, if it doesn't keep you alive (and employeed) or move you closer to the goal, you don't need it.

    That would included decreasing my internet usage. Lowering my phone plane to the lowest I can get it (basically SMS and maybe email).

    Make better use "open" wifi/networks.

    Use the car less, maybe even by a motor bike or push bike to compensate.

    No more take away, no more first release movies (not that there is that much to see any way), no more nights out.

    Simplify the food budget.

    Basically, if it doesn't move you towards your goal or keep you alive, you don't need it.

    It would also be a good idea to have some one else take care of the budget with that regards, questioning every thing you want to buy.

    Set limits, work out exactly how much you need each week and have the courage, determination and discipline to stick to it.

    If you can, move in with relatives ;)

      +1 for that comment. I'd love to get my helicopter licence too!


      I'd love to be a Search and Rescue chopper pilot.

    Learn even more about brewing beer and mead.

    Start a Nano/Mico Brewery/Meadery
    Increase knowledge of Craft Beer and not the Swill that large beer companies sell. It May be cheap but it taste like *%$#.

    Applications are open? Cool, I might just try out. I mean, I can burn toast just as well as Dani and look how far she's gotten.

      But do you have a winning smile, ability to cry on command, and eyes like hers..?

      = The makings of a Masterchef finalist.

      If you can sob like "Dani" you might make to finals as well.

    I've always wanted to be a full-time writer (fiction), but it's a hard market to break into. Thankfully, I just recently received my first publishing contract.

    I would LOVE to be able to take six months off work and just WRITE, really sink my teeth into a project instead of just nibbling at it for half an hour a night before bed.

    I would love to go into small games development.
    Begin a coder is fun, but working on a single application can become tedious.
    Simple games with a good concept and fun graphics.
    Doesn't need to be a blockbuster like the FPS' of today, something that can sell on PSN/XBOX Live or Steam.
    Look at Castle Crashers! Now there is a great example.

    There are some of us who do it for more than 6 months with less than 500$ pw.

    We are called post-grads...!!!

      Lol, I was totally thinking that when I read this article!

      "Hmm, put my life on hold, make little money, try to better myself towards my future? Yep, sounds a lot like me!"

      8 years on living on less than $500 a week, at least I'm close to the end now. (that 8 years includes undergrad).

      Saying that, it's sometimes not easy watching all your friends move on in their life and buy houses, buy cars, etc.

    Get out of being an employee and start my own business. I'd love to do it now, but being the sole bread-winner in my family means I just cannot afford to. Still it is nice to have a dream. Now perhaps tonight's retirment drawing, errrrr.... I mean Lotto, might see me make that change.

    Build a house.

    Become a luthier. Actually if I could find someone taking an apprentice, I'd work for minimum wage.

    Honestly, I'd probably just end up catching up on a lot of reading and TV shows.

    Oh, and sleep. I'd sleep a lot.

    become a musician for a band, drummer or frontman, 6 months would go towards curing my stage fright >_>

    Drag queen performer :)

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