What Are Your Office Supply Necessities?

As we’ve seen through our featured workspaces, offices can be very specific and particular. Chances are if you’ve got an office, you’ve stocked it up with exactly what you need. So what are those things? What does your workspace require?

Photo by mullica

Work, home and technology blog Unplggd suggests you need highlighters and sharpies, post-it notes, index cards, batteries, a label maker, a to-do list, a calendar and a spare phone charger. I would agree with that. The extra phone charger is an especially good idea. I work from home and I keep an extra in my desk cabinet just in case. But is that list missing anything? How about a clock or a filing system of some kind? What about binder clips?! Let us know what you need in the comments.

What Every Well-Equipped Office Should Have [Unplggd]


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