What Are Your Favourite Podcasts?

While receiving little fanfare, many podcasts such as The Adam Carolla Show and Kevin Smith's SModcast attract millions of unique downloads. We'd like to know how many of you listen to podcasts regularly and ask readers to share their favourites.

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My favourite podcasts?

  • Writing Excuses serves to help writers of speculative fiction (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, etc) with pithy breakdowns of a specific topic in each 15-minute episode.
  • We're Alive: A Story of Survival is a serial drama concerning a zombie outbreak in southern California. Each week or so is a new 15-minute instalment of a band of soldiers and normal citizens trying to cope with the undead and each other.
  • Back to Work is a productivity podcast by Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin that tries to stay on topic unsuccessfully but is nevertheless interesting.
  • The Survival Podcast - The title is a little off-putting for many, but host Jack Spirko isn't preaching Mayan doomsday calendars or the government being out to get you. Instead you'll find mostly common sense advice about how to grow some food, store extra for lean times, and be able to make your own decisions.

What are your favourite podcasts?

Podcasts: Who Still Listens to Them? [BBC News]


    Giant Bombcast - Rag tag team of 4 discussing gaming news hilariously. 2-3 hours.
    This is only a test - From the same studio and family as the Giant Bombcast but for tech news.1-2 hours.
    Stuff You Should Know - From how stuff works, 20 minute chunks on a random and interesting topic!
    Hamish and Andy - Need i say more? 20-40 minutes.

    I love my podcasts. I listen to them everyday on the way to work. I like Freakonomics, out every two weeks. If you have read the books, this podcast follows similar ideas and concepts. I also like Triple J's Doctor Karl. Interesting listening. Finally, I like BBC's Discovery - Science and everything about life.

    Finally, I listen to ESPN's NBA today. I love it, but am really having withdrawal symptoms as the NBA is facing a lockout :(

    Please post your favs! I am really keen to know who listens to what.

    Stuff You Should Know and No Illusions w/ Cameron Reilly

    The Joe Rogan Experience.

    The BS Report - Sports: I generally skip the Baseball ones ;)
    Giant Bombcast - Video Games: Best gaming podcast IMO.
    This is only a test - Tech: This is quickly becoming my favourite podcast.
    Screencast - Movies/TV: Can get rambley but good most of the time.
    Weekend Confirmed - Video Games: I'm considering ditching this one, it get's a little too self important at times.
    Firewall & Iceberg - TV: Good TV podcast, I skip any episode recaps of shows I haven't seen and come back to them later.
    Mike and Tom Eat Snacks - Snacks: They focus on a different snack each week, hilarity ensues.

    Keith and The Girl - comedy talk show. Been listening for nearly 6 years and I still love it. 5 shows a week, nothing is held back. Aces.

    Ham Radio - Open, honest ramblings from a Canadian with a great taste in music.

    Vinyl Countdown - 5 friends get together, drink and shoot the shit.

    WTF - Marc Maron interviews comedians and other entertainers incl Conan O'Brien, Robin Williams, Louis CK.

    Gamespy Debriefings - not sure how things will go without Scott Bromley but I've not laughed as much as I had listening to a podcast as I have with this one.

    Listen to Podcasts all day.

    Boxcutters - Aussie TV, a must listen.
    Le Show with Harry Shearer
    The Dave Gorman Podcast
    Sport Business Radio
    ABC Sunday Profile
    ABC Media Watch
    CNET Top 5 Lists
    Today in Music History
    ESPN NBA Today
    plus many more

    I like Triple J's Hack podcast. It's always difficult to listen to the show live-to-air because of going in and out of tunnels, etc on the way home - so I just stay a day behind and listen on my phone. They always take a slightly different appraoch to news and current affairs, as well as having politicians on and asking them directly about hot topics, such as the carbon tax and Asylum seekers.

    WTF with Marc Maron - indepth interviews with comedians.

    Jordan, Jesse GO! - Two guys and a guest .... smart and funny.

    This American Life - Each episode focuses on a theme. Not as parochial as it sounds.

    NPR: Planet Money Podcast - Interesting background to economics aimed at people with little to no knowledge of how the global economy works.

    Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - Detailed, historical stories from all eras.

    Judge John Hodgman - Comedy gold ... John Hodgman adjudicates disputes between people

    Conversations with Richard Fidler http://www.abc.net.au/local/sites/conversations/ - a really relaxed discussion with a huge range of different and interesting people. I find these invaluable for long road trips. Listen to a couple of these and you're there!

    BBC Radio4 Friday Night Comedy podcast is awesome. It's a funny look at the news of that week.

    Tiesto's Clublife - Excellent workout music

    The Bugle - weekly podcast with British comedians John Oliver (from The Daily Show) and Andy Zaltzman discussing current affairs. Making my way through their 160 or so back catalogue from 2008 onwards.

    Roy and HG's The Life - edited podcast of their radio show. Not as good as their previous Triple J meanderings but still worth it if not just for their complete disdain for commercial radio in general.

    The Ricky Gervais Show - now finished but worth making your way through the XFM radio shows and subsequent 5 seasons of podcasts just to track the progress of Karl Pilkington from slack jawed ignoramus to ... slack jawed idiot.

    Plus 1 per diem
    Hollywood Babble-on
    Joe Rogan Experience

    The Sweetest Plum is an amazing comedy podcast from two guys who used to work on Rove. They rant and rave and take their comedy to some amazing places you never expect. Every podcast (which is FREE) has me laughing from beginning to end... Alwys puts a smile on my face!

    - This Week in Tech
    - This Week in Google
    - Diggnation

    - Weekend Confirmed
    - Gamers With Jobs

    - Sunday Night Safran

    No Agenda - Host by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak
    TOFOP - Host by Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen (NSFW)
    Walking the Room - Hosted by Dave Anthony and Greg Behrendt (NSFW)

    All awesome.

    Russell Brand's Radio Show (2006-2008). It's old(ish), but it's HILARIOUS. http://www.mediafire.com/russellbrandradio

    Also, RadioLab and To The Best of Our Knowledge.

    • TWiT Network: TWiT (This Week in Tech), TWiG (Google), MacBreak Weekly, Windows Weekly, Security Now, Tech News Today (TNT) - Legendary Leo Laporte with outstanding regulars (Andy Ihnatko, Gina Tripani, Jeff Jarvis, Steve Gibson)
    • Skeptoid (Brilliant Brian Dunning - for lovers of logic, and haters of bullshit).
    • You Look Nice Today - (Magnificent Merlin Mann! "an audio-based Journal of Emotional Hygiene, staffed by lonelysandwich, scottsimpson, and hotdogsladies." Rude, smart & f***in' funny.
    • ABC TV's Media Watch - a pin pricking the pompous Australian media

    No Agenda - Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak.

    Love this show in the morning, hits me right in the mouth like a Hot Pocket.

    Oh look! A squirrel!

    'Skeptic's Guide to the Universe' (self-explanatory)
    'Big Ideas' and 'Rear Vision' (both from ABC Radio National)
    ..and 'Onion Radio News' - for something a little less serious

    - TED Talks (except they recently started using a bitrate that clickwheel iPods can't play back.
    - CBC Radio 3 new music track of the day
    - BBC Radio 4 thought for the day
    - BBC Radio 4 Reith Lectures
    - PRI (Public Radio International) Tech Podcast

    I'll add the Nerdist podcast, Doug Loves Movies and Professor Blastoff since no one else mentioned them, and second Joe Rogan, The Bugle and WTF with Marc Maron.
    Gonna check out some of the Aussie ones mentioned here now.

    TWiT - Weekly - Tech news and opinion - Leo Laporte and Friends

    Tech news daily (TNT) - Daily (duh!) - Tech news

    Mac Break Weekly - Weekly - Mac News

    The Ben Heck Show - bi-weekly - Modding/Hacking

    CNET - Randomly - Car Tech info

    Diggnation - Weekly - Digg news and beer

    Film Riot - x2 a week - Like film school, five min at a time

    Film State - x2 a week - same guys as film riot - movie news and reviews

    Freakonimics Radio - Odd Stats

    The good atheist - Viva la Darwin

    Hak5 - Weekly - Hacking

    Judge John Hodgman - Decisions Rendered by John Hodgman (Writer and Contributor of the Daily Show... you're welcome)

    Media watch - Weekly - Keeping the News accountable

    The Nerdist - Random - Chris Hardwick is the only E! staffer that works harder than Ryan Seacrest

    Smodcast - weekly - Kevin Smith goes on and on about how he made the movie Clerks (Super funny)

    Ted Talks - one each weekday - Ideas worth hearing

    Wizards of the Coast - Random - I mainly skip to the Celebrity D&D episodes

    Good Game - Weekly - I only watch it online

    I have others that make their way on and off my list but these are the core ones I listen to

    Small Business Big Marketing - 2 Aussie guys offering great advice and practical tips for small business owners and operators looking to cut to the guts of marketing for their business. Essential weekly coaching for us - and from the looks of iTunes, they are helping many more.

    No Agenda - Hosted by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak. They discuss in depth the news of the past few days. Show is twice a week.

    Dvorak Horowitz Unplugged - Hosted by Andrew Horowitz and John C. Dvorak. A conversation about the financial news of the past week.

    The Phileas Club - Hosted by Patrick Beja, with guests from all over the world. A discussion on the news of the past month from an international standpoint.

    Those are my main podcasts, used to be into the tech ones, but I started reading gizmodo (among others) regularly and got tech news much quicker that way, so I unsubscribed.

      All of those are non-commercial by the way. Free to listen to, they rely on personal income and donations.

      Also, before i forget, an older one that I used to listen to:
      Linux Reality - by Chess Griffen. An in depth guide to setting up and running linux with any distro. Its pretty old now, but helped me a lot when deciding how to set up my computer.

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