We're Looking For A Weekend Editor

Obsessed with organisation? Goofy about gadgets? Crazed for consoles? Know how to string sentences together? Then you could the perfect candidate for our new weekend editor role, working across Lifehacker and our sibling titles Gizmodo and Kotaku.

Our weekend editor will work across all three sites, writing stories, handling material from our US feeds and moderating reader comments. It's a challenging task but a great opportunity to use your skills across a wide range of topics. If you think you're up to the task, hit the link below for details and how to apply.

Technology Network Weekend Editor


    Hi Angus,

    I have always been interested in writing about tech, as a spend a lot of my spare (and work time) readying such sites. Was wondering how much volume are you expecting for the weekend?


      The Weekend Editor will be expected to be the person who keeps the sites moving throughout the weekend, working from home. We will discuss post volume and other expectations with shortlisted candidates.

    I've been known to string the odd sentence together. Not too sure I meet the rest of the requirements, but that hasn't stopped me in the past.

    Or I could stay at home and relax with my family on weekends, having spent the Monday to Friday at work already. ;)

      No one is forcing you to take the job, Marcus.

    I'm sure Jason Hawkins will apply for this. I worked with him for a few years up until a few months ago. Give him a go, he's a good bloke.

    Do you need actual experience! #]

    If I offer to do the job for free, do I have a better chance of getting it?

    This sounds like an exciting job. I would love to do it, but I'm not sure my crappy blog (linked) counts as experience for being an editor.

    I review about 300-500 items per day as source material...

      ...and by 'crappy' I of course mean in comparison to Lifehacker/Gizmodo/Kotaku.

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