Virgin Mobile Slims Down Postpaid Plan Range

Virgin Mobile Slims Down Postpaid Plan Range

Virgin Mobile is trimming down its range of postpaid plans, with five aimed at smartphone buyers and two for your text-shy, browser-nervous elderly relatives. What do the new plans offer?

Virgin is dumping its previous ‘Easy Cap’ and ‘Smart Cap’ brandings in favour of two main postpaid brands: ‘Fair Go’ and ‘Big Cap’. The four ‘Fair Go Plans’ can be paired with most of Virgin’s phone offerings, although you’ll continue to pay extra handset charges for newer models. $29 gets you $190 in call credit and 250MB of data; $39 scores $300 in call credit and 500MB of data; $49 gets 2GB and $400 in credit; and $69 offers 3GB and $700 in credit.

The ‘Big Plans’ offer $450 in calls and text credit, plus 250MB of data; the $39 variant offers $650 in credit plus 500MB of data. That sounds like better value than the ‘Fair Go’ equivalents, but the range of phones you can pair with the deal is more limited (Virgin is aiming those plans at traditional call-and-text users rather than smartphone buyers).

The Topless unlimited plan hasn’t changed its features (4GB of data and unlimited Australian calls), but is now $89 wherever you buy it; previously, it was $99 in store, or $89 if purchased online.

Two of Virgin’s more distinctive features in the local market — no charges for voicemail calls and the ability to roll over unused credit on all its plans — remain across the board. The plans all use the Optus network (Optus owns Virgin but operates it as a separate brand); depending on Optus reception in your area, that could be a major consideration. As ever with Virgin, you’re stuck with a 24-month commitment.

As of this writing, the new plan details haven’t hit the Virgin site, but they should appear there on Wednesday this week. Overall, they don’t represent a massive change to the value proposition, but the trimming down of what was an exhausting-to-process set of plan options is welcome.

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  • Their website hasn’t been updated yet..
    Interesting to see if they’ve changed the data pack prices cause I’m currently getting 1.5Gb and $190 Calls with free SMS to any network on the $39 SmartCap..
    To “match” plans with these new ones, I’d have to buy a 1.25Gb data pack on top of the $29 Fair Go Cap and I’d still lose out on the free text.
    The 1Gb data pack used to be $15, if that hasn’t been lowered or the data increased, then current members are better off staying on their legacy plans!

    • oh and was was so “exhausting” about the EasyCap to SmartCap? Add $10 to an EasyCap and get rollover, a bundle of extra data and free SMS to anyone!
      Pretty straightforward really!

  • As someone who has been a virgin customer for 8 years this makes me unhappy. I am wondering if I order the new phone I was looking at before the website changes can I stick with the $29 smart cap that I am on now, I love that gig of data and I never use over my $50 in call credit

  • hmm, agree with everyone else. these ones don’t seem as good of value as the previous smart/easy caps… will be gladly sticking to my 49p/m for $300, 2GB data, free text and rollover

  • Nice! I just (2 weeks ago) signed up on the older Easy 39 with a SGS2. These plan changes mean the new equivalent Fair Go 39 is the same price and details except an additional +200MB. A quick call to Cust Serv and they now have me on the new plan.
    And that’ll be the reason I’m with Virgin!

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