Use Your Pants Zipper To Strike A Match

Should you ever find yourself with a strike-anywhere match but no suitable surface to light it, your pants zipper is a perfect an always-available backup plan. Just be careful not to catch your pants on fire. Thanks for the tip Bulljargon.


    Does this work with normal safety matches?

    Using your thumbnail or jawline looks more impressive.

    wait, what? it's a strike anywhere match, doesn't the name imply that this video isn't special.

      maybe if you we're in a bushland setting where it'd just finished raining, you're zipper might be the best option. you'd have to hope you don't set you're crotch on fire though

    inb4 someone lights themselves on fire trying this

    Always thought I had a great spark between my legs.

    Do they still make those things? I thought they died out with the Great Fire of London.

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