Use Personal Folder Backup With Outlook 2010

Use Personal Folder Backup With Outlook 2010

Annoyingly, Outlook doesn’t have a built-in backup tool for the PST file which stores all your data. Equally annoyingly, the free backup tool Microsoft supplies doesn’t work with Outlook 2010. Fortunately, you can work around that.

Tech blogger Helen Bradley details the process you need to follow to use Microsoft’s Personal Folder Backup tool with Outlook 2010. You need to install the software and then run a registry fix tool — a fiddly process, but one that will help you make PST backup simpler.

Bear in mind that your PST file contains your email data, but doesn’t include settings and autocomplete entries. To ensure you’ve backed up everything you want in Outlook, check out our comprehensive Outlook backup and migration guide.

Outlook 2010: backup gets worse (if that’s possible) [Helen Bradley]


  • The PST is a file. I’ve always backed it up like any other file.

    I take care not to allow my PSTs to grow too big by splitting off new ones from time to time, since Outlook allows you to keep multiple PSTs online.

  • I use the freeware app Cobian Backup which uses Volume Shadow Service to copy locked files like this and everything else to my external drive. It’s a simple one stop backup which i don’t need to worry about PST’s or the 100 other outlook files.

  • I’ve done so many PST recovery’s over the years. You should never use Outlook for home/personal use. It’s got so many rough edges. Outlook really should be a ‘business’ only product used on Exchange server. It’s too bloaty for home use.

  • Hello,

    As a preventive measure one should keep the backup of .pst file on a regular basis to avoid loss of pst items. As if pst gets corrupted then entire outlook data could get vanished. It is also better to keep a check on the size of .pst file to save pst from corruption.



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